EnneaMotion and the Holy Ideas Andrea Isaacs

Mantras for the Nine Types. Living a conscious life requires emotional flexibility so we can to respond to life in whatever way best serves the moment. This could mean responding like a Two, Four, Six or Eight, etc., rather than with the habitual response of one’s type. The EnneaMotion Mudras and Mantras (M&Ms) repattern the brain and the neural pathways throughout the body giving us the ease and flexibility to do that. In addition, applying EnneaMotion to our fixations or other disturbing issues can guide us to an alternative response that can be used as an antidote, allowing us to respond to life’s changing demands with wholeness, greater peace and joy. Andrea will demonstrate the M&Ms and how to create an antidote. Andrea Isaacs created EnneaMotion by combining her background in modern dance (where she translated emotional energy into physical energy), with Taoist practice and the Enneagram. Since 1994, she’s been traveling the world teaching EnneaMotion workshops, coaching individuals in designing their own physical antidotes, and conducting her training program. She’s been on the faculty of the Riso-Hudson Part II Training Program since it launched in 1995, was co-founding editor/publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and was a board member of the IEA for six years. Tom Condon Demonstration of Changework Using the Enneagram Psychotherapy & Personal Development All Students Tom will work together with an audience member who wants to change an Enneagramrelated problem, using Ericksonian methods customized to their specific Enneagram style. Such demonstrations are usually vivid, entertaining and intense. Most produce a visible before-andafter difference in the client, as they shift from their Enneagram “fixation” to greater freedom and choice. Thomas Condon has taught over 700 workshops in the United States, Europe and Asia. The Director of the Changeworks in Bend, Oregon, he has been an adjunct faculty member of Antioch University and the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of over 50 audio CDs, DVDs and books. Katrina Stevens Cracking the Enneagram Code All Students Spirituality Bring your magnifying glasses and decoding devices to thisintriguing inquiry into the once rich but