Transforming Organizations Using the Enneagram Rachel Weeks and David Burke (Popular at event)

Organizations in both the public and private sector face a multitude of challenges in managing and retaining staff, and managing the impact of changes in senior management and the expansion and contraction in business activities. In the current economic environment, these challenges are even more pronounced. David Burke has undertaken a wide range of change management and corporate advisory roles for small boutique and large public companies, utilizing the Enneagram framework for personality assessment and the development of political and strategic advice. This workshop will provide an overview of certain case studies, describing the objectives, approach and results of the strategies employed to address these challenges. These case studies will include businesses facing challenges arising out of the mergers & acquisitions of a large investment fund; risk analysis and impact of personality on statutory compliance and the environmental standards of a public utility, and strategies for increasing retention and decreasing recruitment costs through increased morale and productivity within a professional services firm. David Burke