Enneagram Insights for Managing Conflict Micka, Ritchie, Senft, Quigley

Approaching conflict and difficult conversations can represent a significant challenge in the best of circumstances. In this session, each of the four expert panelists will offer a short presentation related to using the Enneagram to manage conflictual or high-risk conversations. This will be followed by a moderated discussion inspired by these different approaches to using the Enneagram in this unique context. Moderator: Jerry Wagner Jerry Wagner, Ph.D. is the author of the Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: an Introductory Guide; the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS); and Two Windows on the Self: the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs. Jerry has been researching and teaching the Enneagram for over 30 years and has offered the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program nationally and internationally for the past 10 years: www. enneagramspectrum.com. Jerry is a faculty member of the Department of Psychology and the Institute of Pastoral Studies