Evolution of the Inner Witness Helen Palmer, Terry Saracino, M. Gilbert

This workshop offers a new step of development for people already educated in type. Each presenter brings an area of skill to our format of mini lectures, panel work and guided meditation. Marion offers a somatic entry into the cognitive-emotional pattern. Terry demonstrates the clarity of cognitive-emotional inquiry. Helen brings precision to the spiritual state of inner knowing. All of which carries us to the next stage of becoming. Helen Palmer is a teacher of intuition and the bestselling author of five well regarded books in the field of human consciousness, two of which on the Enneagram topic are now in 27 languages. This work was the subject of a PBS television documentary Breaking out of the Box Discovering the Enneagram. Together with David Daniels, M.D. she founded Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, co-teaching its Professional Training Programs. Helen is also a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Waldzell Institute, Vienna. www.Enneagram.com for Distance Learning Programs in partnership with John F. Kennedy University. www.EnneagramWorldwide.com for international schedules on key topics of psychological and spiritual integration.