Power Is the Great Motivator Mario Sikora

Power is the Great Motivator: McClelland’s Motivational Theory and the Enneagram Business All Students The appropriate and effective use of power is critical to leadership success in organizations and many other areas of life, but few people handle power well. Many leaders tend to overuse or underuse power, both of which can lead to ineffective leadership. Leadership theorist David McClelland developed a theory of motivation that stated that leaders tend to be driven primarily by a need to be liked, a need to achieve, or a need for power and influence. His research showed that those leaders who had a high power drive balanced with sufficient inhibition tended to be the most effective leaders. This session will look at McClelland’s theory and how it correlates to the nine personality types. Participants will learn how personality type can hinder or distort our relationship with power and what they can do to use power effectively and appropriately. They will learn how to apply the principles in their own lives as well as help their clients grow in this critical area. Mario Sikora is managing partner of Awareness to Action