The Enneagram as Nine Paths Russ Hudson (Very Popular at event)

Most of us initially encounter the Enneagram as a typing system—a way of recognizing the principal characteristics in ourselves and others. But if we continue to study this work, we come to understand that the Enneagram is actually a system to support us in coming back to ourselves in the living moment: “to remember ourselves” as Gurdjieff put it. The more we study the Enneagram in conjunction with an inner practice to develop our capacity to be present, the more we discover how limited our perspectives have been, and the more the amazing vistas of our consciousness begin to reveal themselves. We can then see all of the nine types as paths—as journeys that we all must take on the way to awakening. Thus, while I am still supported by seeing the tendencies of my own Enneagram type, I can also be called back to Presence by the opportunities presented by all of the types within me. The workshop will combine experiential work with periods of spontaneous inquiry into the topics we are exploring. Russ will draw on his many years of teaching, his years in the Gurdjieff work