Posture: The Language of Health Kristi Anderson

Musculoskeletal alignment is fundamental to optimal physiological and biomechanical function, and is a clue to the overall well-being of an individual. Research indicates posture can affect and be affected by physical and emotional states, change mental performance, and impact vision and hearing. Chronic postural imbalances can lead to a loss of structural integrity; place undue stress on organs, the skeletal system and soft tissue; change neurological efficiency; increase risk of injury; decrease stress resilience, and lower metabolic function. Modern-day society’s epidemics of back and neck pain, stiffness and fatigue are intimately related to the body’s place in gravity. This presentation will offer a window into viewing health through the myofascial body, examine cause- vs. symptom- based approaches to aches and pains, and teach simple self-care methods to alter structural alignment, relieve tension and improve the effectiveness of holistic interventions. Emphasizing simple-to-integrate take-home tools, techniques from the fields of Posture Therapy, Rolfing, Yoga and Pilates are integrated to address soft tissue mobility, appropriate structural stability, and posture alignment.