Healing Power of Ordinary Things Larry Dossey, MD

Modern medicine is increasingly complex — think genomics, stem cells, transplantation, drugs, and surgery. It often ignores those very things that can heal us, particularly if they are plain and ordinary. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems that modern medicine is actually hostile or contemptuous toward simple approaches, as if they are in some way opposed to medical science. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is an old saying: If you want to hide the treasure, put it in plain sight. Then no one will see it. Drawing on recent evidence, and always supported by good medical research, Dr. Larry Dossey will explore things that are in plain sight, but whose healing power and ability to add to life’s fulfillment have been overlooked or forgotten. These are ordinary, simple things. Some of them are elegant and lovely, such as music. Others seem lowly, such as dirt, or exceedingly common, such as plants. One involves, quite literally, nothing. Others – optimism, novelty, risk, unhappiness, and mystery, for example — may seem counterintuitive, but when examined yield remarkable wisdom for healthcare. What they all have in common is an extraordinary capacity to help us heal, to understand our place in the natural order, and to be more complete human beings.