PW5/ Suzanne Sterling: Yoga, Sound and Consciousness

PW5 Yoga, Sound, and Consciousness—Suzanne Sterling In this workshop we will learn about the history and science of sound and sound healing, and use the power of sound and conscious movement as a tool to enhance our lives. We will explore ways to combine simple movement and yoga asanas with sound, mantra, pranayama (conscious breath), and guided meditation. We will focus on embodying and activating our deeper awareness, freeing the natural voice, developing awareness of the breath and body, clearing the emotional body, listening to our innate wisdom, allowing our creativity to expand, and tapping into our sacred self and our connection with the Divine. Suzanne Sterling is an ecstatic vocalist and composer whose devotional music has been called a "groove-loving and seductive journey into Spirit." She brings a special blend of yoga, devotional music, and sacred ceremony to yoga retreats, “emerging culture” conferences, and music festivals worldwide.