PW6/ IONS Community Group Coordinators Gathering in the Wisdom

PW6 IONS Community Group Coordinators—Gathering in the Wisdom How great! We get an entire day together to explore how we might ignite personal and social transformation in our communities through our community groups. Join our shared leadership "Open Space" experience, where we bring our best ideas, questions, visions, hopes, and love to the table. In supporting one another in this way, who knows what can happen when we return home? Come join us; admission to this session is free. The IONS Community Network has been a vital extension of the Institute of Noetic Sciences since its inception. More than 250 community groups are committed to the IONS vision. Shared leadership and community-building through communal inquiry, visioning, and creative action are at the heart of our collective. Together we share years of leadership experience, hosting local and regional gatherings, events, and community projects that support IONS’ evolving mission.