PT1/ Robert Thurman: Infinite Life Workshop (Very Popular)

PT1 Infinite Life Workshop—Robert Thurman We will look at the Buddhist sciences—not only the "inner science" that studies and teaches the paths to enlightenment—but also the physical cosmology, karmic biology, and ethical sociology that make enlightenment sensible. We will practice selected philosophical, psychological, and meditational disciplines together that fit with a definition of Buddhism as "engaged realism," rather than just one more variety of other-worldly religious pursuits. We will alternate between lecture, dialogue, and both guided and silent meditations. Robert Thurman is a professor in the Religion Department of Columbia University. He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from Harvard and has studied in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India and the United States. He is an author of many books, including The Tibetan Book of the Dead and, most recently, Infinite Life: Seven Virtues for Living Well.