PT5/ Charles Tart: Mindfulness 101: What they Should Have Taught Us Long Ago

PT5 Mindfulness 101: What They Should Have Taught Us Long Ago—Charles Tart We are by nature clear, perceptive, compassionate, and effective beings—but these qualities are usually lost in the deluded busyness of "normal" life. This workshop will give us tastes—both experiential and intellectual—of basic “Controlled Attention Practices” that focus, stabilize, and clear our minds, leading to insights that work in everyday life. Ordinary education assumes we already have these skills, but they still need opening and cultivation. In more traditional terms, we will be introduced to concentrative and insight (Vipassana) meditation practices and Gurdjieffian self-remembering as methods to become clearer, calmer, more perceptive, and practically compassionate. Charles Tart, PhD, is internationally known for research on transpersonal psychology and parapsychology. His 13 books include two classics, Altered States of Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychologies. A professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, he works to bridge science and spirituality.