Sunday Morning Plenary: Temple Awards/ Coumba Toure'-From the Heart of Africa/ Marilyn Mandala Schlitz,PhD-From Vision to Action/Sadhguru-Inner Engineering

From the Heart of Africa: Healing the Planet One Story at a Time—Coumba Touré Celebrate with stories of inspiration and transformation from the heart of Africa. In this session, Coumba models the true meaning of global citizenship as she navigates between ancient wisdom traditions and modern Western worldviews. In this delightful dialogue, you will hear the stories of African social entrepreneurs and dedicated change-makers. Read more See more: Sunday Sunday Morning Plenary Coumba Touré From Vision to Action—Marilyn Mandala Schlitz This will be a time to reflect together on what we have experienced in the past few days. What moved you? What new ideas were generated for you? How have you gained new insights into your worldviews, beliefs, and ways of engaging in the world? What are your next steps to deepen your personal transformation and