(S2) Returning to the Center: A Currandera Heals Soul Loss Elena Avila (Popular at Eent)

(S2) Returning to the Center: A Curandera Heals Soul Loss—Elena Avila The mystery of healing in Curanderismo lies within the earth, the heavens, the stars, and the sacred four directions. Come and learn the fundamentals of Curanderismo, an ancient and culturally rich health care system that helps you to remember what you have lost and reconnect to your true nature. Elena Avila, RN, MSN Curandera, is a first-generation Chicana, born in the barrios of El Paso, Texas. After graduating from the University of Texas with a bachelor of science in nursing, Elena obtained her masters degree from UT in 1981 and specialized in mental health. She began her research into Curanderismo in 1974, gradually incorporating native folk healing into her work as a nurse.