(S6) Inheriting the Trade: Hard Truths about the Legacy of Slavery Belvie Rooks and Thomas Norman DeWolf (Popular at Event)

(S7) Inheriting the Trade: Hard Truths about the Legacy of Slavery—Belvie Rooks and Thomas Norman DeWolf / Introduction by IONS Member Council cofounder, Jane Hughes Gignoux. Belvie Rooks is an African American woman whose family story of enslavement is chronicled in The Seeds of Sally Good'n: A Black Family in Arkansas, 1833 - 1953. Thomas DeWolf, a white male descendant of the most successful slave-trading family in U.S. history, retraces his ancestors' steps through the notorious Triangle Trade in his memoir Inheriting the Trade. You're invited to join them in a deeper conversation about race. Explore the hidden slave history of the North and how the traumas of that era still reverberate today. Join the urgent call for honest and opened-hearted dialogue in a nation ready for healing. Belvie Rooks is a writer, educator, and television producer whose work weaves together the worlds of spirituality, ecology, and social and environmental justice. She was a writer and producer of the inspirational TV show Courage and currently serves on the board of IONS. Belvie has a masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education. Thomas Norman DeWolf is the author of Inheriting the Trade, companion to the PBS documentary, Traces of the Trade. He holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Oregon and has pursued continuing education at the JFK School of Government at Harvard, the Summer Peacebuilding Institute and Historic Trauma Healing (STAR), and Eastern Mennonite University.