(PW2) Transforming Health Care: One Practitioner at a Time Lee Lipsenthal, MD (Very Popular at Event)

(PW2) Transforming Health Care: One Practitioner at a TimeŚLee Lipsenthal This interactive program is ideal for anyone who does healing work. By combining scientific information with experiential practices, you will enhance your own emotional intelligence, improve decision-making capabilities, and gain a deeper understanding of the psychological background of healing arts practitioners. By learning to become more fully present during a healing session, your own life will transform, along with the lives of those who are seeking healing. Lee Lipsenthal, MD, is a healthcare corporate consultant, organizational trainer, and distinguished IONS board member. He teaches workshops worldwide in the area of health for health care providers, working with major organizations such as Kaiser-Permanente and Cleveland Clinic, as well as many large universities, hospitals, and medical groups.