(PT1) Working with the Fields of Consciousness: Practical Strategies for Group Leaders - Chris Bache, PhD

(PT1) Working with Fields of Consciousness: Practical Strategies for Group Leaders—Chris Bache For reasons we don’t yet understand, the tendency to synchronize is one of the most pervasive drives in the universe. —Steven Strogatz, Sync Fields of consciousness spring up whenever we engage in sustained collective activities. Knowing this, how can we accelerate and deepen this natural process? How do we harness the power of these fields to teach, problem-solve, create, or heal? In this workshop, we will explore the dynamics of collective intelligence in group settings. Learn practical, hands-on strategies forged through 30 years of classroom experience: opening and closing fields, strengthening fields, visualization and meditation exercises, and managing episodes of spontaneous resonance. Chris M. Bache, PhD, has been a professor of religious studies for three decades, adjunct faculty at CIIS, and director of transformative learning at IONS. An award-winning teacher, Chris is the author of The Living Classroom; Dark Night, Early Dawn; and Lifecycles. His work explores nonordinary states, psychedelic states, and more recently, teaching and fields of consciousness—the dynamics of collective consciousness in the classroom.