(PT4) Into the Heart of It: Navigating Humanity's Rite of Passage Anodea Judith, PhD (Popular at Event)

(PT4) Into the Heart of It: Navigating Humanity's Rite of Passage—Anodea Judith Humanity is entering a rite of passage from our planetary adolescence to our future adulthood, from an operating system based on the love of power to one based on the power of love. This requires an internal shift from ego-based consciousness to an awakening of the global heart. The journey of initiation we will take together combines ritual, storytelling, poetry, and music, to ignite the heart within and carry the torch to the heart of the world. Be prepared to laugh, cry, dream, and hope as we navigate the perils and possibilities of our time toward an inspiring vision of the future. Anodea Judith, PhD, is the founder of Sacred Centers, and the author of the award-winning book Waking the Global Heart, as well as numerous books and videos on Eastern and Western psychology. An international workshop presenter, ritualist, storyteller, healer, and yoga teacher, she has been described as a "prophet for our time."