Homeopathy and Jungian Psychology: Kindred Spirits / Nicolas Nossaman, MD, DHt

Nicholas Nossaman, MD DHt Graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, 1968, Internship at Hennepin County General in Minneapolis, 1968-1969, Indian Health Service 1969-1971 on the Navajo Reservation, Crownpoint, New Mexico, practicing homeopathic medicine since 1976 in Denver, Colorado. Board Certified in homeopathic medicine, former board member and president of the National Center for Homeopathy, former board member and president of the American Institute of Homeopathy and member of the Rhus Tox study group of Homeopatia Internationalis for over 20 years. Other interests include Jungian psychology, photography, watercolor, golf, pantomime and poetry.