Going to the Source: A Revolutionary Way to Confirm Your Prescription During the Interview(Part I)/ Melissa Burch, RSHom(NA), CCH & Malcolm Smith, ND

Melissa Burch, RSHom(NA) CCH practices in the greater Boston area and teaches internationally and nationally. Ms. Burch worked with Dr. Nandita Shah in South India. She wrote and published “Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s Correspondence Course, Units 1-4.” She co-founded Homeopathy in the City a homeopathic clinic in the St. Mark’s Women Shelter in Brooklyn, NY. She is President of Inner Health, Inc.Malcolm Smith is a homeopathic ND, physician who has studied under many talented practitioners including Divya Chhabra, Lou Klein. Massimo Mangialavori, Rajan Sakaran, Will Taylor, Alize Timmerman, and Joseph Tooker. Malcolm brings his skills as a story teller to case analysis, and to teaching the process of case analysis. He currently teaches for the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, the British Institute of Homeopathy, and has guest taught for Alize Timmerman in the Netherlands, and at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. He lives in Portland, Oregon and is one of the founders of The Homeopathic Symposium, and on-line archive of interactive video case studies from homeopathic practitioners from around the world.