PRE-CONFERENCE SEMINAR with A.U. Ramakrishnan Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetes and its Complications

Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan is the honorary physician to the President of India, and he is one of the world’s leading homeopaths to specialize in the treatment of severe pathology. Based on his experience in the treatment of thousands of people with diabetes, he will discuss when cure is possible, how to stabilize a case, and how to treat complications of this disease. Although “cure” is not possible in people who are insulin-dependent (Type I Diabetes), homeopathic medicines can be used to help in the stabilization of blood sugar and in the prevention of infections. Dr. Ramakrishnan will also discuss his experience in treating and curing people who suffer from Type II diabetes. Finally, Dr. Ramakrishnan will discuss how to treat people who are considered to have a high risk of getting diabetes. Because diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S., learning how to manage and treat this increasingly common ailment is important for all clinicians as well as anyone interested in health care today.