Homeopathy for Your School-Aged Child Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

Join Dr. Rothenberg for a day of learning and inspiration around the topic of treating school-aged children up through their teen years. After sharing her overarching thoughts on natural medicine and this population, she will teach the essentials of constitutional homeopathic care. During this one-day seminar you will learn: • What information is important to the homeopath and what results can be expected with commonly seen conditions •How to use therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine and home remedies •How to treat common physical ailments in the pediatric population such as infections, earaches, upper respiratory tract infections and skin troubles •How to distinguish between acute problems and those that are more chronic in nature • How homeopathy can address anxiety, depression and behavior issues in children as well as learning & cognitive challenges Through case stories and reflections on 22 years of practice and the raising of 3 teenagers, participants will leave Dr. Rothenberg’s lecture with practical tools to help those they love as well as a deeper appreciation of how homeopathy and natural medicine work as essential and powerful tools in the raising of healthy children.