Patricia Reis, Arctic Refuge Sutra…/ Kate Smith Hannssen, Daughters of Gaia: How Women are Changing the Psyche…/ George Cornecelli, Why Nature Always is About History

Patricia Reis Arctic Refuge Sutra: Teachings From an Endangered Landscape In August, 2006, I knelt down on grey gravel and filled my water bottle from the Sheenjek River, a south flowing waterway in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in far northeastern Alaska. This is one of the few places left o and remote landscape there is no human imprint only the tracks of grizzly bear, gray wolf, musk-ox, moose, and in late summer the Porcupine River herd of caribou: it is the last sanctuary for these Ice Age survivors. Sand arctic slope to breed and nest from every continent on earth. We Americans are the caretakers of this precious Refuge, which is under constant threat by our government for oil exploration. A visual presentation of images endangered landscape from a woman's perspective.George Cornecelli, PhD Why Nature Always is About History Because history is the psyche in action, any talk of "Nature" and its relation to man, always necessarily ends up, as a talk about history. The paradox is that nature is supposed to be one of those areas that have no history understand an atom we must develop and study the history of the ideas of the atom's and nature's genesis--that is to say, we must understand the story of nature's nature. When it comes to the self or to the Self, the same "cleansed" by "Nature," is to remake ourselves and our history. George Cornecelli has a PhD in philosophy. For 25 years he has been an executive in several Fortune 500 companies. For the last 8 years he has run his own company, The Mkt. Group ( Dr. Cornec over 30 years. He is also the owner and Director of the non-profit organization, The Loudoun Family Therapy Center in Leesburg, VA. Dr. Cornecelli lives with his wife and family in Leesburg. Patricia Reis is a writer and psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Maine. She is the author of many articles and three books focusing on women's psychology, mythology, and creative process: Daughters of Sat Remembering and Recovery (Spring Publications) Through the Goddess: A Woman's Way of Healing (Continuum). Arctic Refuge Sutra: Teachings from an Endangered Landscape is part of a larger work in progress: D