Sexuality Workgroup Haffner, Kohn, Canning et. Al.

Sexuality: How can we foster greater understanding about the connection between spirituality and sexuality? How do we address the "Religiophobia" that so many organizations working for sexual justice seem to adopt? What would a sexually healthy America look like? How can we help religious institutions become sexually healthy? How do we support the progressive people in denominations that are anti-choice, anti- gay, and anti-full equality of women to successfully change these attitudes? How might a progressive religious response answer the efforts of the IDR and other conservative groups to hijack the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal denominations? What can be done to increase the voice of religious progressives in the media on sexuality issues? What can be done to increase seminary training on sexuality issues? What can be done to make the leadership of progressive religious national organizations more open to addressing sexuality issues? Is same sex marriage the goal or is advocating for civil unions more probable? Can one be progressive and anti-choice? How can faith communities address ALL families, including GLBT families? How can religious institutions acknowledge the sexuality of all SINGLE adults? Are there forms of sexuality between consenting adults that are not acceptable from the standpoint of a progressive religious or spiritual community? Must sex, for example, be covenantal and not merely recreational- and what exactly should be the dimensions of such a covenant? What kinds of spiritual or religious insights and what sorts of values should function in the sphere of sexuality? Do sexual offenses or the manipulation of others in the sphere of sexuality have a graver quality than manipulation of others in the sphere of economics or the sphere of friendship-and if so, why? What kinds of limits do spiritual progressives insist upon in this sphere?