Creating Healing in the Clinical Encounter David P. Rakel, MD

This talk will explore those non-specific variables that have a positive influence on creating a shift towards healing mechanisms in our patients. Objectives: ?? Discuss the science for non-specific variables in facilitating health. PEECE mnemonic. (P) Positive prognosis, (E) Empathy, (E) Empowerment, ( C ) Connection and (E) Education. ?? Create an office visit that allows these non-specific variables to be expressed, (The SOS visit). ?? Understand how this visit can enhance satisfaction for both the clinician and the patient. ?? Explain how a healing oriented clinical visit (SOS) will reduce health care costs by reducing dependence on external factors used to treat disease (Rx, supplements, surgery, acupuncture, manual therapy) as we become more adapt at stimulating the self-healing mechanisms of the body. Realizing of course that both are very important but one without the other is left wanting.