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All recordings from the 2019 conference:

IONS 2019: The Possibility Accelerator: Creating Our Future, Now!

Sponsored by: Institue of Noetic Sciences

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      INS19-100 Complete Plenaries on Video DVD + ALL recorded sessions(Sheldrake Pre-Conf.,Biofield Science Pre-Conf., plus Plenaries) and Concurrent Sessions on audio MP3 USB drive for $249 (Most Polular Choice)
      (format: DVDs/MP3)  
      10   $249.00     set(s)
      INS19-200 ALL Plenary Sessions on video DVDs Five DVDs for $149
      (format: DVD)  
      5   $149.00     set(s)
      INS19-300 All Main Conference Plenaries, Sheldrake Pre-Conf., Biofield Science & Healing Pre-Conf. and Concurrent Workshops on audio MP3 USB Drive
      (format: MP3-USB)  
      1   $99.00     set(s)
      INS19-802 Friday Morning:Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Damer Rev. Paulette Pipe, Claudia Weiss, Clare Lachance
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $40.00     set(s)
      INS19-803 Friday Afternoon: john a. powell, Julia Mossbridge, Daniel J. Siegel, Luisah Teish,
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $40.00     set(s)
      INS19-804 Saturday AM: Woman Stands Shining, Dean Radin Charles Eisenstein, Richard Strozzi-Heckler
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $40.00     set(s)
      INS19-805 Saturday Afternoon: Chris Laszlo, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, The Power of We: Nelson, Weiss, Nicol, Curry, Thomkins
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $40.00     set(s)
      INS19-806 Sunday AM: Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Azim Khamisa, Rupert Sheldrake, Cassandra Vieten
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $40.00     set(s)




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