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All recordings from the 2013 conference:

Loving Our Earth Symposium with Dr. Joanna Macy / Starr King School of Ministry

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      SKS13-100 Complete Symposium including all recorded Workshops Audio MP3 Sessions on CD-ROM disc or Flashdrive
      (format: MP3-CD)  
      1   $49.00     set(s)
      SKS13-800 Complete Symposium (except Workshops) on Video DVDs Five DVDs for $99
      (format: DVD)  
      5   $99.00     set(s)
      SKS13-801 Welcome & Opening Ritual Rev. Gabriella Lettini and friends
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $30.00     set(s)
      SKS13-802 Wednesday Morning Teaching by Dr. Joanna Macy (in collaboration with Rev. Kurt Kuhwald)
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $30.00     set(s)
      SKS13-803 Community Discussion with Dr. Joanna Macy
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $30.00     set(s)
      SKS13-804 "A Party for Our Earth" with Dr. Joanna Macy & SKSM faculty Dr. Macy performs Rilke poetry readings/ Dr. Rebeccca Parker on Cello
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $30.00     set(s)
      SKS13-805 Panel Presentations by local environmental groups and discussion with Dr. Joanna Macy
      (format: DVD)  
      1   $30.00     set(s)




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