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David Lukoff


David Lukoff, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in California and Professor of Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco; author of 70 articles and chapters on spiritual issues and mental health; co-author of the DSM-IV category Religious or Spiritual Problem; co-president of the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology; maintains the Spiritual Competency Resource Center. To view a video bio of David Lukoff


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ATP25-313 David Lukoff & Christel Lukoff / Dying as a Spiritual Journey: Wisdom from Folktales and Clinical Practice
(format: CD)
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(topics:|death and dying  |)  
2   $20.00     set(s)
ATP93-053 Psychedelics: Politics of Consciousness Bravo,Grob,Lukoff
(format: audiotape)  
2   $20.00     set(s)
ITA24-005 Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Problems Francis Lu and David Lukoff
(format: audiotape) more...  
1   $12.00     set(s)
ITC94-034 David Lukoff Spiritual Emergencies & Ecological Distress
(format: audiotape)  
1   $12.00     set(s)
ITC95-099 Spiritual Problems In Everyday Life David Lukoff
(format: audiotape)  
1   $12.00     set(s)
SEN21-009 Bringing Spiritual Support to Recovery David Lukoff
(format: audiotape)  
1   $12.00     set(s)
SEN93-002 Spiritual Emergency: Crises of Transformation Turner, Prevatt, Luce, Lukoff
(format: audiotape)  
4   $40.00     set(s)
SHA90-011 Walsh/Lukoff: Shamanic Initiation Crisis/Psychotic Emergency/Transformative Emergence/Neo-Shamanism
(format: audiotape)
(topics:|shamanism  |)  
1   $12.00     set(s)




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