The 1st Annual Integrative Medicine Conference & Natural Healthcare Expo
April 1 - 4, 2004  *  Miami Beach, Florida




Plenary Session
#001  Integrative Medicine: Natural Medicine Perspective - Joseph Pizzorno, ND   1 Tape for $15

Plenary Session
#002  Herbal Product Quality - Steven Dentali, PhD  1 Tape for $15

Plenary Session
#003  Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Disease - David Perlmutter, MD   1 Tape for $15

Concurrent Tracks
#004  An Integrative Approach to Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Patrick Hanaway, MD  1 Tape for $15

#005  Nutrient Supplement Quality -Enrico Liva, RPh, ND  1 Tape for $15

#006  Integrative Protocols: Diabetes - Mick Lyon, MD, Michael Murray, ND  1 Tape for $15
The integrative program to be presented will focus on the use of specific natural medicines designed to be used in conjunction with proper dietary, lifestyle, and medical treatment of diabetes. The program presented will have four primary objectives: to provide optimal nutrient status, to reduce after meal elevations in blood sugar levels, to improve insulin function and sensitivity and to prevent nutritional and oxidative stress.

#007  Integrative Protocols: Menopause - Susan Reed, MD, Jane Guiltinan, ND  1 Tape for $15
The presenters will discuss current information regarding conventional and naturopathic treatment options for menopause symptoms. Cases will be utilized to demonstrate different approaches and referral strategies.

#008  Training CAM Professionals to Teach Health Profession Learners - Peter Curtis, MD  1 Tape for $15
Interactive session on how to overcome barriers to teaching between conventional and CAM health professionals.

#009  Citicoline - Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, FACN, CEDS  1 Tape for $15

#010  Integrative Protocols: Hyperlipidemia - Cindy Breed, ND, Suzanne Laurel, DO  1 Tape for $15
Presenters will discuss hyperlipidemia and treatment goals based on risk assessment. Treatment options will be offered including diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and pharmaceutical medicine. Evidence based recommendations will be explored.

#011 Integrative Protocols: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Deborah Metzger, MD, PhD Darin Ingels, ND  1 Tape for $15
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the syndromes caused by immune overload. Protocols will be presented that are successful in helping the majority of sufferers.


Plenary Session
#012  Integrative Medicine: Conventional Medicine Perspective - Peter Curtis, MD  1 Tape for $15
An analysis of different forms of integrative approaches to care and discussion of challenges.

Plenary Session
#013  Drug/Herb/Nutrient Interactions, Part I - Francis Brinker, ND  1 Tape for $15
Combining pharmaceuticals with herbal products may have unpredictable results due to many individual and product variables. Known interference of drug kinetics in humans by botanicals deserve emphasis. Pharmaco-dynamic alterations appear more obvious, but require monitoring and management for safety. Several means of enhancing clinical outcomes through complementary combinations holds great potential and appeal.

Plenary Session
#014  Drug/Herb/Nutrient Interactions, Part II - Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD  1 Tape for $15

Concurrent Tracks
#015  Practical Uses of Nutraceuticals and Supplements - Alan R. Gaby, MD  1 Tape for $15

#016  Integrative Protocols: Cancer - Timothy C. Birdsall, ND; Bernard Eden, MD  1 Tape for $15
Will discuss basic physics/radiology used in radiation oncology. Will discuss tomotherapy in treatment of cancer.

#017  Integrative Protocols: Integrated Practice - Stephen Bolles, DC; Craig Svendsen, MD  1 Tape for $15
A presentation that will offer guidelines to developing integrative practices in multidisciplinary settings, focusing on the communication and clinical needs for effective collaborative case management.

#018  Lifestyle Pattern Approach to Weight Management - Robert Kushner, MD  1 Tape for $15

#019  The Ten Most Commonly Used Herbal Remedies - Donald Brown, ND  1 Tape for $15
After a meteoric rise to popularity in the mid - 1990s,the herbal supplement industry has come under fire regarding issues around safety, efficacy, and quality. The goals of this program are to discuss key points in choosing quality herbal supplements and to review the safety and efficacy of ten popular herbal supplements. The program will bring health care professionals up-to-date on the recently issued Dietary Supplement GMPs by the FDA. Additionally, focus will be placed on potential drug-herb interactions for the herbal supplements covered. Effort will be made to document claims as reported in the scientific literature.

#020  CAM Practitioner Credentialing for Clinics and Hospitals - Thomas Shepherd, DHA  1 Tape for $15

#021  Recent Advances in Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer - Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS  1 Tape for $15
A well-nourished cancer patient can better manage and beat the disease. While nutrition is not sole therapy for cancer, optimal nutrition status as part of comprehensive cancer treatment can augment non-specific host defense mechanisms in the cancer patient.

#022  Improving Digestive Function in the Elderly - Frank Strehl, DC  1 Tape for $15


# 023  Plenary Session  1 Tape for $15
Research Update: Nutrition - Alan R. Gaby, MD

#024  Plenary Session  1 Tape for $15
Research Update: Botanical Medicine - Donald Brown, ND
This lecture updates health care professionals on the Findings of research articles published over the past Couple of years that significantly alter or extend our Knowledge of the clinical use of botanical medicines. In addition to evaluation of efficacy, particular emphasis Will be placed on the safety of the botanical medicines Covered, including potential drug interactions.