March 29 - April 2, 1995 * U.C. Berkeley, California



001 PHILOSOPHICAL AWARENESS - "Between Consciousness and Unconsciousness"-Sonia Beaz-Hernandez, "Beyond Eros and the Death Drive"-Lyat Friedman, "On Final Definitions"-Nickolay Omelchenko, Discussion-Helmut Wautischer 2 $14.00

002 SYMBOLIC DIMENSIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - "The Lotus and the Serpent"-Ruth-Inge Heinze, "A Transpersonal Approach to Language"-Dan Moonhawk Alford, "The Eclipse of the Sacred"-Warren TenHouten, "Wilderness and Storytelling"-Joseph Sheridan 1 $9.00

003 ALTERNATE REALITIES - "Dream Fact and Real Fiction"-Iain Edgar, "UFO's and Related Phenomena"-S. Miles Lewis, "Creating Miracles"-Carolyn Miller, "Reincarnation Among the Gitksan and Witsuwit'en"-Antonia Mills, "A Model of Dreaming Applied to 15 Native American Cultural Groups"- Stanley Krippner and April Thomas 2 $14.00

004 WESTERN ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE - "The Legend of Jesus in Pre-Agricultural Shamanic Mythology"-Dave Doleshal, "The Significance of the Western Magical Tradition"- Christine Carmines, "Medieval Asceticism"-Jerome Kroll, "Shamanic Myth Making"-Ted Fortier, "Magical Consciousness in Neo-Pagan Wicca"-Roxana Wales 2 $14.00

005 COSMOLOGY AND THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE - "The Parallel-Hierarchical Structure of the Living Universe"-Attila Grandpierre, "The Birth of God in Kabbalistic Cosmology"-Mira Zussman and Howard Buzick, "Parallels in Physical and Kabbalistic Cosmologies"-Ovid Jacob, "Dancing Prophets and Drummed Spirits"-Steven Friedson, "Experimental Proof of Contactless Influence on Chemical Reactions"-Gabor Lednyicky 2 $14.00

006 EVOLVING INTEGRAL PRACTICES - "Living Transformative Consciousness"-Anton Grosz, "Evolutionary Mystical Consciousness"-Rev. Dr. Ariosto Coelho, "Cellular Consciousness: The Mother's Agenda"-Arlene Mazak, "Sensuality and Consciousness"-Richard Sorenson 1 $9.00

007 EASTERN ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE - "The Buddhist Six-Worlds Model of Consciousness"- Ralph Metzner, "Spirit Possession"-Brian McVeigh, "Fortune-Telling and Fatalism in Taiwan"- Bill Watson, "Training Civilized Shamans"-Frances Dahlberg, "Linguistic Relativism and the Art of Aikido"-Cari Spring 2 $14.00

008 MODELS OF ALTERED CONSCIOUSNESS - "A Neurophysiological Model of MPD"- Andrew Newberg, "Sexual Disorders and Social Control of Sexuality"-Richard Castillo, "A Case of NOR Apparition"-Janet Richardson 1 $9.00

009 NEW METHODOLOGIES IN THE STUDY OF CONSCIOUSNESS -"Shamanistic Journeying"- Peggy Wright, "Epistemic Structures of Consciousness"-Michael Winkelman, "The Armchair Anthropologist Fights Back"-Tim Lavalli, "Comedy as Critical Practice"-Linda Moakes 1 $9.00

010 VISIONS OF THE HEALER - "Learning from Brazilian Healers"-Yves Marton, "Death Breaths and Drivers"-Ian Prattis, "Negotiated Reality in Spirit Possession Practices"-Daniel Halperin, "Diagnostics and Healing in Lakota Sacred Rituals"-William S. Lyon, "The Straight Path"-Richard Katz 2 $14.00

012 TEACHING OF CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES - "Shamanic Journeying in the University Classroom"-Geri-Ann Galanti, "On Performing Ethnography in the Classroom"-Constantine Hriskos, "The Challenge of Teaching Ethnopsychology"-Barry Michrina, "Teaching Consciousness at the Lower Division Level"-John Baker, "Teaching Linguistic Mindfulness"-Matthew Bronson 2 $14.00