The 19th Annual Conference of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness
March 24 - 28, 1999  *  Berkeley, California



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Wednesday, March 24th 

001  Personal Soundings  1  $10.00
Chair: Pablo Ignacio Valero, California College of Arts and Crafts

 4:10-4:30 pm “Ancestral Beings” Natalie Tobert
University of Wales, Lampeter, UK

 4:30-4:50 pm “Human Culture is Human Consciousness (Are We Prisoners of Our Own Device?)” Gregory M. Nixon
Prescott College

5:10-5:30 pm “The Foundation of Cytherics: On an Underground Theme in Western Classical Consciousness”  Josef Chytry
UC Berkeley

 5:30-5:50 pm Discussion

Thursday, March 25th

002  Consciousness in Cyberspace: Stories From The Virtual Trenches  1  $10.00
Chair: Matthew Bronson, UC Davis 

7:00-7:20 pm “Word Wars: Why It’s So Hard to Get Along With People On-Line” Matthew C. Bronson
UC Davis 

7:20-7:40 pm “Retromythology in Virtual Communities” Tim Lavalli
Worlds Away Technologies, Fujitsu 

7:40-8:00 pm “Creating and Sustaining Sacred Space in On-Line Avatar Communities” Janet LeValley
Worlds Away Technologies, Fujitsu 

8:00-8:20 pm Discussion

003   Polythematic Representations of Consciousness  1  $10.00
Chair: Ruth-Inge Heinze, UC Berkeley

8:40-9:00 am “Uncoiling the Splendor: Self, Symbol and Interiority in Becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher” Mark Thomas Shekoyan
University of Oregon

 9:00-9:20 am “Involuntary Memory: Walter Benjamin’s Images of Remembering in Anthropological Perspective” Hsuta Lin
Princeton University

 9:20-9:40 am “The Colonization of Cosmos and Culture: Coevolution, Modernity, and the Invisible Other” Pablo Ignacio Valero
California College of Arts and Crafts

 9:40-10:00 am “The Essence and Original Personality in Physicalspace and Thoughtspace”  Ralph B. Allison
Los Osos, CA

 10:00-10:20 am Discussion

004  Religious Representations of Consciousness  1   $10.00
Chair: Margaret Mackenzie, California College of Arts and Crafts

 10:40-11:00 am “Mantra and Consciousness Expansion in India” Ian Prattis
Carleton University

11:00-11:20 am “Encounters with Ban Jhankri: Shamanic Initiation by Abduction in Nepal” Leslie Conton
Fairhaven College 

11:20-11:40 am “Collective Baha’i Identity Through Embodied Religious Persecution: ‘Be Ye as the Fingers of One Hand, the Members of One Body’” Curtis Humes  Katherine Ann Clark
Western Washington University 

11:40-12:00 noon Discussion 

005  Castaneda and Consciousness Studies, Part 1  2   $17.00
Co-Chairs: Constantine Hriskos, Colby College; Michael J. Winkelman, Arizona State University

 1:30-1:45 pm “Castaneda and Consciousness Studies: Notes on the Revolution before Postmodernism” Constantine Hriskos
Colby College

 1:45-2:00 pm “The Teachings of Castaneda” Edith Turner
University of Virginia

 2:00-2:15 pm “A Castaneda Way of Knowledge: Implications of an Anthropological Legacy” Amy Smith
Salt Lake City, UT

 2:15-2:30 pm “Consciousness is that Part of Consciousness of which we are Conscious: How the Ancient Seers and Shamans of Mexico Short-Circuited the Energy-Body” Roy Wagner
University of Virginia

2:30-2:50 pm Discussion

3:00-3:15 pm “Reflections on Castaneda: Positing a Non-Ordinary Reality, Challenging Boundaries and Relativizing Ethics” Yves Marton
UC Los Angeles

 3:15-3:30 pm “Epistemological Perspectives on Castaneda” Michael J. Winkelman
Arizona State University

 3:30-3:45 pm “Beyond Anthropology: Non-Ordinary Reality in Ordinary, Everyday Life” Bernard McGrane
Chapman University

 3:45-4:00 pm Discussion

006  Roundtable: Castaneda and Consciousness Studies, Part 2   1  $10.00
Co-Chairs: Michael J. Winkelman, Arizona State University; Constantine Hriskos, Colby College

 4:15-5:30 pm — Dan Moonhawk Alford, CSU Hayward
— John R. Baker, Moorpark College
— Geri-Ann Galanti, CSU Los Angeles
— Janet LeValley, Worlds Away Technologies, Fujitsu
— Jeffery L. MacDonald, International Refugee Center, Oregon
— Larry G. Peters, California Graduate Institute

Friday, March 26th

007  Sites of Contestation and Mediation in Shamanism   1  $10.00
Chair: Don A. Habibi, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

 8:40-9:00 am “Seidhr as Women’s ‘Witchcraft’: Contested Shamanistic Practice in Reconstructionist Religion” Jenny Blain
Dalhousie University, Canada

 9:00-9:20 am “Sun Dance Visions and the Ute Community: The Problem of Outsider Participation” Barry Michrina
Mesa State College

9:20-9:40 am “Voice, Power, and Politics: Neglected Ingredients in the Respectful Exchange of Indigenous Healing Wisdom”  Richard Katz
Saskatchewan Indian Federated College

 9:40-10:00 am “Sangomas as Mediators in Witchcraft Accusation Trials” John Hund
Univ. of the North, South Africa

 10:00-10:20 am Discussion

008  Ritual Functions of Hallucinogens  $10.00
Chair: Michael Naxon, Central American Institute of Prehistoric and Traditional Cultures at Belize

 10:40-11:00 am “Redemption and Hallucinogens, I” Marlene de Rios
CSU Fullerton

 11:00-11:20 am “Redemption and Hallucinogens, II”   John R. Baker
Moorpark College

 11:20-11:40 am “Cross-Personal Commonalities in the Ayahuasca Experience” Benny Shanon
Hebrew University, Jerusalem

11:40-12:00 noon Discussion 

009  Art and Theory: Bridging Consciousness and Imagination   1  $10.00
Chair: Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, UC Berkeley

1:50-2:10 pm “Equatorial Theory in Anthropological Practice: Finding the Ground Between the Poles of Extreme Relativism” Jerrod Hansen
Western Washington University

2:10-2:30 pm “The Imagination of Matter, Pre-Columbian Cultural DNA, and Maize Cultivation” Kathleen Rogers
The Surrey Institute, London, UK

 2:30-2:50 pm “Consciousness and the Development of Yuman Earthen Art” Jay von Werlhof
Imperial Valley College Museum 

2:50-3:10 pm “The Power of Song: Song Prayers in Native American Rock Art” Carol Patterson
James Cook University

 3:10-3:30 pm Discussion

010  Quantum Shamanics  1  $10.00
Chair: Helmut Wautischer, Sonoma State University

3:50-4:10 pm “Some Stories of Shamanic Discovery in Modern and Contemporary Physical Science and Mathematics” Stephen Gamboa-Eastman
San Francisco, CA

 4:10-4:30 pm “Cultural Manifestations of the Anthropopathy of Human Consciousness” Richard L. Amoroso
The Noetic Institute

 4:30-4:50 pm “Quantum Anthropological Linguistics” Dan Moonhawk Alford
CSU Hayward

 4:50-5:10 pm Discussion

Saturday, March 27th 

011  Transformative Passages    1  $10.00
Chair: John L. Caughey, University of Maryland

 8:40-9:00 am “Dancing at the Edge of Chaos: Wildness & Ceremony in a Brazilian Spirit Possession Religion” Daniel Halperin
UC San Francisco

 9:00-9:20 am “Sound and Form: Ornamental Designs as Coded Scripts of Extra-Sensory Physics” Renate Dohmen
Goldsmiths’ College, London, UK

 9:20-9:40 am “The Tree of Worlds in the Nordic-Germanic and the Algonquian Cosmology” Ralph Metzner
California Inst. of Integral Studies

 9:40-10:00 am “Shamanistic Transformation in the Rainforest of Belize: A Personal Journey” Noga Weinstein
Central American Institute of Prehistoric
and Traditional Cultures at Belize

 10:00-10:20 am Discussion  

012  The Magic of Literature  1  $10.00
Chair: Markate Daly, San Francisco State University 

10:40-11:00 am “Ritual Literacy and Religious Literature Development in the Iu-Mien Refugee Community” Jeffery L. MacDonald
International Refugee Center, Oregon

 11:00-11:20 am “Magic and Religion Revisited: Dream Divination and Gender in the Ancient Mediterranean” Laurel Holmstrom
Sonoma State University 

11:20-11:40 am “Mythos Renewed: Potentials Toward the Reactualization of Creative Consciousness” Brian Thompson Lewis & Clark College

 11:40-12:00 noon “Culture and Indifference” Blanca H. Parfait Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

12:00-12:20 pm Discussion

013  Ways of Healing  1  $10.00
Chair: Claire M. Cassidy, Bethesda, MD

2:20-2:40 pm "Transactions in Power: Healing in Urban Russia" Galina Lindquist
University of Stockholm, Sweden

2:40-3:00 pm "Influence of Medical Education on Attitudes and Assessments of Medical Professionals Concerning Medical Therapies and Therapists" Peter Kaiser
University of Tübingen, Germany

3:00-3:20 pm Discussion

014  Sitings of the Imaginary  1  $10.00
Chair: Josef Chytry, California College of Arts and Crafts

3:40-4:00 pm "The Gaston Bachelard Center for Imaginary and Rationality Studies" Jennifer Marie Eustis
University of Burgundy, France

4:00-4:20 pm "Cartoons and Myths: Playing with Consciousness" Lourdes Giordani
Albright College

4:20-4:40 pm "Potential Influence of Virtual Reality Technology on Human Consciousness" Michal Malinowski
Coco Baby Planet, Japan

4:40-5:00 pm "Personal Narratives: Transpersonal Selves" Moira Killoran
Institute of Noetic Sciences

5:00-5:20 pm Discussion

015   Banquet and Keynote Address  1  $10.00
"The Varieties of Dissociative Experience" Stanley Krippner
Saybrook Institute

Sunday, March 28th

016  Consciousness in Life and Death  1  $10.00
Chair: Kathleen Young, Western Washington University

9:00-9:20 am "Kosova Consciousness" Kathleen Young
Western Washington University

9:20-9:40 am "Images of Death on the Stage" Elizabeth Wilson
Western Washington University

9:40-10:00 am "The Duality of Consciousness in America and the Need to Reconcile with Nature and the Natural Self" Jackson Milikan
Western Washington University

10:00-10:20 am "Death and the Corpse: An Analysis of the Treatment of Dead Bodies in Contemporary Society"  Elizabeth Emerick
Western Washington University

10:20-10:40 am Discussion

017  The Heat is On  1  $10.00
Chair: Amy Smith, Salt Lake City, UT

11:00-11:20 am "Communication, Consciousness, and Technology: On Exchanging Information, Being Aware, and Keeping Machines in Their Place" Roxana C. Wales
Foster City, CA

11:20-11:40 am "Awakening in Corporate America: Shifts in Managerial Consciousness through Ethnographic Team Process" Linda Haviland
Sun Research Corporation

11:40-12:00 noon "Burning Consciousness – Transformative Community or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Burn" Lee Gilmore
San Francisco, CA

12:20-12:40 pm Discussion