Sponsored by The University of Arizona
April 12 - 17, 1994 * Tucson, Arizona



01 PHILOSOPHY OF MIND - "Constructive Naturalism & Consciousness: Philosophic Perspectives"-Owen Flanagan; "Philosophy of Mind: Defining Consciousness"-Alvin Goldman; "On Explaining Consciousness Scientifically: Choicesand Challenges"-David Chalmers 2 $20

02 COGNITIVE APPROACHES - "Cognitive Theory of Consciousness"-Bernard Baars; "The Unconscious in SocialInteraction"-John Kihlstrom; "The Structure of Subjective Experience"-David Galin 2 $20

03 OBSERVATIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - "Positron Emission Tomography and the Conscious Experience of Emotion"-Reiman, Talbot, Whinnery et. al.; "Brain-Injured Persons in an Altered State of Consciousness: Measures and Intervention Strategies"-L.R.Talbot & H.A. Whitaker; "Induction of Consciousness in the Ischemic Brain"-James Whinnery 2 $20

04 PERSPECTIVES FROM PATHOLOGY - "Self-Awareness in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease"-Alfred Kaszniak; "Diagnostic Communicative Behavior in a Splitbrain Subject"-Victor Mark; "Out of Left-Hemisphere Awareness: What the Commissurotomy Subjects Show Us About Consciousness"-Polly Henninger 2 $20

05 NEUROBIOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS - "Towards a Neurobiological Theory of Consciousness"-Christof Koch; "Ensemble Neural Codes for Spatial Experience and Their Reactivation During Sleep"-Bruce McNaughton & Matthew Wilson; "The Binding Problem and Neurophysiological Oscillations"-Valerie Gray Hardcastle 2 $20

06 EXPERIMENTAL FACTORS IN CONSCIOUSNESS - "Neural Time Factor in Conscious and Unconscious Functions"-Benjamin Libet; "Olfaction, Consciousness and the Brain"-Gary Schwartz; "The Effect of Surgical Sedation on Implicit Memory"-Randall Cork 2 $20

07 SUB-NEURAL MECHANISMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS-I "Dendritic Microprocessing and Consciousness"-Karl Pribram; "Anesthesia, Quantum Coherence in Microtubules and Consciousness"-Stuart Hameroff; "Information Physics, Neuromolecular Computing and Consciousness"-Djuro Koruga 2 $20

08 SUB-NEURAL MECHANISMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS-II "Biomolecular Quantum Computing and Consciousness"-Michael Conrad; "Pixels of Consciousness: Organized Clusters at Protein-Water Interface"-John Watterson; "Micro-tubular Self-Organization and Information Processing Capabilities"-Jack Tuszynski 2 $20

09 QUANTUM THEORY AND CONSCIOUSNESS-I "Quantum Coherence and Consciousness"-Roger Penrose; "Quantum Optical Coherence in Microtubules: Implications for Consciousness"-Mari Jibu & Kunio Yasue; "Quantum Neural Holography"-Walter Schempp 2 $20

10 QUANTUM THEORY AND CONSCIOUSNESS-II "Consciousness and Bose-Einstein Condensates"-Danah Zohar; "Synchronicity Regularities in Quantum Systems"-Ezio Insinna; "On the Quantum Mechanics of Dreams and the Arising of the Self-Concept"-Fred Wolf 2 $20

11 EMERGENT PHENOMENA - "Functionalism, Emergence and Mental Process"-Chris Barrett; "The Emergence of Life - and Consciousness?- Through Self-Organization of Matter"-Steen Rasmussen; "The Role of Intention and Self as Determinants of Consciousness: A Functional Approach to a Spiritual Experience"-Arthur J. Deikman 2 $20

12 HIERARCHIAL ORGANIZATION- "The Creative Loop: How the Brain Makes a Mind"-Eric Harth; "Higher-Order Cognitive Processes"-Nils Baas; "Hierarchical Organization in the Brain: The Emergence of Consciousness"-Alwyn Scott 2 $20

13 NEURAL NETWORKS - "Toward a Neural Network Model of the Mind"-John Taylor; "Artificial Neural Networks: Biological Plausibility"-Judith Dayhoff; "The Ghost in the Machine"-Andrew Wuensche 2 $20

14 PHENOMENOLOGY - "Pharmacology of Consciousness"-Andrew Weil; "Eastern Philosophy, Meditation and Consciousness"-Dharma Singh Khalsa; "Music, Meaning and Design"-Brian Josephson 2 $20

15 OVERVIEW - I "Some Category Confusions in Studies of the Biology of Consciousness"-Walter Freeman; "Three Kinds of Thinking"-I.N. Marshall; "Is It Impossible to 'Measure' Consciousness?"-Arthur Winfree 2 $20

16 OVERVIEW - II "A Comparison of Three Approaches to Reconciling Science and Consciousness"-Willis Harman; Wrap-Up Discussion and Audience Comments 2 $20