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April 8 - 13, 1996 * Tucson, Arizona




01 APPROACHING THE HARD PROBLEM - "The Enigma of Sentience"-Michael Lockwood; "The Neuro-Physiology of the Contents of Consciousness: A Way to Creep Up on the Hard Problem of Consciousness"- Jeffrey Gray; "My Experience, Your Experience and the World We Experience: Turning 'The Hard Problem' Upside Down"-Roger Shepard & Piet Hut; "The Myth of Double Transduction"-Daniel Dennett  2  $18

02 NEURAL CORRELATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS - I "Content and Context in the Thalamocortical System: The Basis for Cognition"-Rodolfo Llinas; "The Chemistry of Conscious States: How The Brain Changes Its Mind"-J. Alan Hobson; "The Neuroanatomy of Consciousness and the Intralaminar Nuclei"-Joseph Bogen; "A Rosetta Stone for Mind and Brain?"-Susan Greenfield  2  $18

03 CONSCIOUSNESS AND FOLK PSYCHOLOGY: "The Myth of Folk Psychology"-Colin Blakemore; "Folk Psychology, Science and the Criminal Law"-David Hodgson  1  $10

04 CAN MACHINES BE CONSCIOUS? - "Yes, Machines Can Be Conscious"-Daniel Hillis; "Three Objections to the Idea of Artificial Intelligence"-Jaron Lanier; "Emotions and Consciousness: A Connectionist Approach"-David Rumelhart & C.L. Lisetti; "Why New Physics Is Needed to Understand the Mind"-Roger Penrose  2  $18

05 INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATION AND COGNITION - "Language and Non-Human Minds: What the Evidence Is Trying to Tell Us"-Sue Savage-Rumbaugh; "Communication and Cognition in Dolphins"-Diana Reiss; "Comparative Cognition: The Capacities of a Bird Brain"-Irene Pepperberg; "Language and Consciousness"-Paul Bloom  2  $18

06 TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY - "Scientific Necessity and Foundations for a Transpersonal Psychology"-Charles Tart; "States and Stages of Consciousness: A Transpersonal Perspective"-Roger Walsh  1  $10

07 THE ROLE OF PRIMARY VISUAL CORTEX IN CONSCIOUS VISION - "Is Primary Visual Cortex Necessary for Conscious Vision?"-Petra Stoerig; "Evidence from Functional MRI Studies for Modulation of Neural Activity in Area V1 by Higher Cortical Areas"-Turner, Friston, LeBihan; "Lateral Interactions in Early Vision Involved in Object Segmentation and Imagery"-Dov Sagi; "Is V1 Conscious and In What Sense?"-Ned Block  2  $18

08 MEDICINE AND CONSCIOUSNESS - "Molecular Mechanisms of General Anaesthesia"-Nicholas Franks & W.R. Lieb; "Consciousness and Healing"-Andrew Weil  1  $10

09 QUANTUM PROCESSES IN THE BRAIN - "Synaptic Transmission, Quantum State Selection and Consciousness"-Friedrich Beck; "Brains with Strings Attached"-Dimitri Nanopoulos; "Our Friend the Microtubule"-Patricia Churchland; "Conscious Events as Orchestrated Space-Time Selections"-Stuart Hameroff & Roger Penrose  2  $18

10 THE ROLE OF EXTRASTRIATE VISUAL CORTEX IN CONSCIOUS VISION - "We Are Not Aware of Neural Activity in Primary Visual Cortex"-Christof Koch; "Functional MRI Maps of Human Visual Cortical Activity and Consciousness"-Tootell, Dale, Reppas et. al.; "Neural Basis of Subjective Visual Perception"-Nicos Logothetis; "Consciousness and Commentaries"-Lawrence Weiskrantz  2  $18

11 INTEGRATIVE PERSPECTIVES - "Consciousness: Its Past and Its Future"-Paul Churchland; "On the Search for the Neural Correlate of Consciousness"-David Chalmers  1  $10

12 PHENOMENOLOGY AND EXPERIENTIAL APPROACHES - "How to Study Consciousness Scientifically"-John Searle; "Neurophenomenology: A Researach Program for the Understanding of Consciousness"-Francisco Varela; "Goodbye to Reductionism: Complementary First- and Third-Person Approaches to Consciousness"-Max Velmans; "What Does Mysticism Have to Teach Us About Consciousness?"-Robert Forman  2  $18

13 CURRENT DIRECTIONS IN PARAPSYCHOLOGY - "The Ganzfield: A Procedure for Obtaining Replicable Evidence for an Anomalous Process of Information Transfer"-Daryl Bem; "Evidence for Direct Interactions Between Consciousness and Physical Systems"-Roger Nelson & Dean Radin; "Why psi Tells Us Nothing About Consciousness"-Susan Blackmore; "Do psi Phenomena Suggest Dualism?"-Dick Bierman  2  $18

14 FUNCTIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - "Coherencing of Consciousness: Lessons from Anosognosia, Supernumerary Phantom Limbs, Multiple Personalities and Freudian Defense Mechanisms"-V.S. Ramachandran; "Memory and Conscious Experience"-Daniel Schacter  1  $10

15 CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE PHYSICAL WORLD - "Chance, Choice and Consciousness: A Causal Quantum Theory of the Mind/Brain"-Henry Stapp; "What's The Mind-Body Problem With You?"-Avshalom Elitzur; "Reductionism Revisited"-Alwyn Scott  2  $18


16 THE HARD PROBLEM AND THE EXPLANATORY GAP - "Should We Expect to Feel As If We Understand Consciousness?"-M.C. Price; "The Paradox of Phenomenal Individuals"-G.H. Rosenberg; "An Even Harder Problem of Consciousness"-P. Pyllkanen; "How to Solve The Hard Problem: A Predictable-In-A-Sense Inexplicabilitiy"-D. Brooks; "Constraining Consciousness"-W.S. Robinson  2  $18

17 SENSORY PROCESSING - "A Signal Detection Framework for Consciousness Experiments in Cognitive Psychology and Perception"-S.A. Klein & S. Slotnick; "The Mind-Body Problem: A View from Pain Research"-R.C. Chapman & Y. Nakamua; "Cortical Neuronal Correlates of Perceptually Relevant Acoustic Information Closely Resemble Wavelet Packet Transforms"-S.P. Dear & J.A. Simmons; "Fast Dynamics of Subjective Experience of the Paired, Transient Visual Signals: Some Evidence for 'Perceptual Retouch' as a Semiautonomous Process of Assigning Conscious Quality"-T. Bachmann; "Implicit Perception: Conscious Sensation Below the Limen for Self-Conscious Source Monitoring"-R.G. Kunzendorf  2  $18

18 BIOLOGY/EVOLUTION - "Counting Dendritic Spines: A Somatocentric Approach"-Ascoli, Goldin, Olds; "Protoconsciousness in the Unicellular Euglena Gracilis: Dependence on Microtubules"-E.M Insinna; "Are Bacteria Conscious?"-V. Norris; "The Evolution of Conscious Behavior: An Energy Analysis"-B.R. Fink; "Evolution of Consciousness as Emotion"-A.K. Ommaya  2  $18

19 EMERGENCE AND HIERARCHICAL SYSTEMS - "Problems In the Theory of Emergence"-S.M. Ali & R.M. Zimmer; "The Five Kinds of Levels of Description"-A. Bailey; "The Pros and Cons of Mind-Brain Reductionism"-E. Harth; "The Dimensions of Creativity"-A. King & A. Scott; "Fractal-Like Basis for Consciousness: Neural Nets and Quantum Systems Realize Similar Collective Dynamics"-M. Perus  2  $18

20 SOCIAL REALITY - "Ecological Naturalism: Conscious Experience as a Supra-Individual Biological Phenomenon"-R. Nunez-Errazuriz; "The Essence of Consciousness and Mind"-E. Schultz; "The Indissolubility of Subjectivity and Social Reality"- Goffman, Schutz and Garfinkel; "Music, Space and the Construction of Social Reality"-S. Marin; "Virtual Environments and Social Realities"-C. Glosser & F. Sauer  2  $18

21 AESTHETICS/COMMUNICATION - "The Communication Paradigm"-R.A. Dragon; "Poetry, Mental Models and Discordant Cognition"-P.K. Johnston; "The Heart of Transpersonal (Wholistic) Consciousness: The Energy Cardiology Hypothesis"-L.G. Russek & G.E. Schwartz  1  $10

22 PHILOSOPHICAL THEORIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS - "Consciousness as an Information-Bearing Medium"-B. Mangan; "A Critique of James' Neutral Monism"-M. Estep; "State Consciousness and What It's Like"-D.M. Rosenthal; "The Basic Package and Consciousness"-R. Kirk; "Consciousness and Its Discontents"-D. Lloyd  2  $18

23 VISION - "Speeded Digit Identification Under Impaired Perceptual Awareness"-S. Iwasaki; "Visual Adaptation with/without Awareness"-S. He & P. Cavanagh; "Divided Visual Awareness in Motion Induction"-N. Osaka & S. Ando; "Synchronization of Neural Cortical Activity as a Control Process in Visual Recognition in Monkeys: Role of Cholinergic and Glutamatergic Structures"-Dudkin, Kruchin, Chueva  2  $18

24 DREAMS/UNCONSCIOUS PROCESSES - "Dreaming and Consciousness"-S. LaBerge; "Consciousness During Sleep: Causality, Expectation and Will in the Virtual Laboratory of Lucid Dreaming"-A. Worsely & B. Giguere; "Dream Sleep and Waking Reality: A Dynamical View of Two States of Consciousness"-A. Combs & S. Krippner; "Attempts to Estimate Proabilities of Conscious and Non-Conscious Perceptions Using Process Dissociation Yield Evidence of Complex Decision"-Pavloski, Strand, Ei et. al.; "Images of the Lucid Mind"-F. Bogzaran  2  $18

25 FOUNDATIONS OF QUANTUM THEORY - "Quantum Theory and Consciousness: An Overview"-E.J. Squires; "Can Quantum Mechanics Dispense with the Observer?"-D. Hodgson; "What Role Could Quantum Mechanical Reduction Play in Consciousness?"-G.J.F. Blommestijn; "Quantum Computation, Hilbert Space and Hypercomputable Functions"-T.J. Emerson; "Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist's Perspective"-J.S. Hagelin  2  $18

26 LANGUAGE/INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATION - "The Contexts of Discovery and Justification in the Psychological Unconscious"-V.A. Shamas; "The Role of Metaphor in Natural Language-A Theoretical Inquiry"-S.R. Brown; "Interspecies Communication, Consciousness and the Cognitive Verb Gap"-J.Limber; "The Mammalian Mind"-E. Mercado & L.M. Herman  2  $18

27 SOCIOLOGY/CULTURE "The Social Construction of Mind: A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Consciousness"-E. Engdahl & E. Burns; "A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Functionality Relating to Alternative States of Consciousness"-Brooks, Carlson, Kirkscey; "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Native American Dreamworking Systems with Western Psychodynamic Dreamworking Systems"-S. Krippner & A. Thompson; "Tribal Epistemologies"-H. Wautischer  2  $18

28 THE FIRST-PERSON AND THIRD-PERSON PERSPECTIVES "Indexicality and Consciousness"-A. Palma; "Descriptive Knowledge Is Not the Same As Experiential Knowledge: A Defense of the Importance of Qualia"-T. Hubbard; "Who's On Third? Subjectivity at the Physical Basis of Consciousness"-B.C. Smith; "The Hardest Problem: Being No One"-T. Metzinger  2  $18

29 STRUCTURAL CORRELATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS "Anterior Cingulate Cortex Participates in Emotion: PET Studies"-Lane, Reiman, Ahern et. al.; "Frontal Association Cortex in Humans as a Function of Brain Size in Primates"-E. Gilissen; "A Neurosurgeon's View of Consciousness: Reticular Formation Revisited"-P.G. Petty; "Toward the Neurobiology of Consciousness: Using Brain Imaging and Anesthesia to Investigate the Anatomy of Consciousness"-Alkire, Haier, Barker et. al.; "Neurodevelopmental Processes and Corticolimbic Network Issues: Implications for Current Theories of Consciousness"-D.F. Watt  2  $18

30 COGNITIVE ARCHITECTURES - "A Neurocognitive Model for Consciousness and Attention"-Newman, Baars & Taylor; "Sensory Projection Areas of the Cortex May Provide a Conscious Global Workspace for a Massively Distributed Unconscious Brain"-B.J. Baars; "What Can a Cognitive Architecture Tell Us About Consciousness?"-R. Sun; "Understanding of Consciousness Through Application of Techniques for Design of Extremely Complex Electronic Systems"-L.A. Coward; "The Relational Mind"-J.G. Taylor  2  $18

31 QUANTUM BRAIN PROCESSES - "The Quantum Theory of Consciousness: Retrospective, Review and Status Report"-E.H. Walker; "Quantum Electodynamic Fluctuations in Various Models of Neuronal Microtubules"-G.L. Hall; "Physics and the Living Cell"-C. Lewis; "A Quantum Interpretation of Signifier and Signified"-G. Globus; "The Brain Zeno Effect: Loop Structure, Time and Consciousness"-E. Ruhnau  2  $18

32 SCIENCE AND EPISTEMOLOGY - "Taking Holons Seriously: Toward a More Adequate Epistemology of Consciousness"-W. Harman; "The Hidden Side of Wolfgang Pauli"-H. Atmanspacher; "Authenticity and the Scientific Investigation of Consciousness"-I. Baruss; "Science: Method, Myth, Metaphor?"-A. Ione; "A Logical Foundation for a Science of Consciousness: A Parametric Formulation"-H.J. Jeffrey  2  $18

33 PARAPSYCHOLOGY - "Differential Brain Responses to Targets and Nontargets in a Precognitive, Forced-Choice Task"-Don, McDonough & Warren; "Toward a Physical Interpretation of Extra-Sensory Perception"-E.C. May & S.J.P. Spottiswoode; "Quantum Mechanical Processes and Consciousness: An Empirical Investigation"-L.A. Farwell; "Near-Criticality, Emergence and psi"-B.J. Josephson; "Out-of-Body Experiences: Some Misconceptions"-M.B. Woodhouse  2  $18

34 ZOMBIES, ONTOLOGY AND THE FUNCTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS - "Explaining the Evolution of Consciousness: The Other Hard Problem"-T. Polger & O. Flanagan; "Three Ways of Being a Zombie"-G. Guzeldere; "Zombie Killer"-N. Thomas; "Analysis, Explanation, Supervenience and Modal Claims"-E. Villanueva; "Microfunctionalism and Consciousness"-E. Myin  2  $18

35 ANESTHESIA/BLINDSIGHT - "An Information-Processing Theory of Anesthesia"-H. Flohr; "Facial Electomyography: Assessing Arousal Levels and Pain During Anesthesia"-Freeman et. al.; "Differentiating States of Consciousness Using Inter-Frequency Phase-Coherence of Cortical EEG"-Watt et. al.; "Blindsight and Anesthesia: A Syntopy of Unawareness"-E. Poeppel & E. Ruhnau; "Too Terrible to Behold: Displays That Induce 'Blindsight' in Normal Observers"-J. Braun  2  $18

36 COMPUTATIONAL MODELS - "Affective Modulation of Decision-Making Is Not Always Conscious"-D.S. Levine; "Why Machines Cannot Be Conscious"-S.C. Kak; "Network Cavitation in the Modeling of Consciousness"-S. Thaler; "Conscious-Subconscious Interactions: A Symbolic Model with Neural Network Implementation"-Lee, Yang & Bar-Yam; "The Mystic Lure of Neural Networks"-D.W. Salt & S. Threadgood  2  $18

37 TIME - "Synaptic Potentiation, Backward Masking and the Time It Takes to Become Conscious of a Stimulus"-S. Pockett; "The Influence of Temporal Structure in the Formation of Time Consciousness in a Trappist Monastery"-V.A. Reidhead & J.B. Wolford; "Time Expansion and the Perception of Acoustic Images in the Big Brown Bat Eptesicus fuscus"-P.A. Saillant & J.A. Simmons; "Time Horizons in Conscious Processing"-H-G. Geissler; "Consciousness and Time Reversal"-G. Vitiello  2  $18

38 MEDITATION/CONTEMPLATION/MYSTICISM - "Science Within Consciousness"-A. Goswami; "Phenomenological and Physiological Characteristics of Transcendental Consciousness: A State of Self-Awareness"-F.T. Travis; "Consciousness"- Maharishi, Ramanujam, Gupta; "A First-Person Comparison of Cosmic Consciousness with Psychedelic Experiences"-C.T. Tart & A.L. Smith  2  $18

39 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/VIRTUAL REALITY - "Graphic Phenomenology"-R. Shaffer & G. Dootson; "Prediction: Future Electronic Systems Will Be Disrupted Due to Consciousness"-D. Matzke; "Virtual Reality as a Metaphor of Consciousness"-A. Revuonso; "What Does It Mean for Consciousness to Feel 'Presence' Within Virtual Reality?"-F. Biocca; "Quantum-Inspired Neural Networks and Consciousness"-T. Menneer & A. Narayanan  2  $18