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PLENARY SESSIONS  (Sessions are one-tape sets for $10.00 unless otherwise indicated)
001 Joel Salatin - "Future Farming of America"
Wes Jackson -
"Solving the 10,0000 Year-Old Problem of Agriculture"
002 Paula Gunn Allen - "Sacred Nature: Gender & Spirit in American Indian Thought"
Alice Walker -
"What the Spirits are up to: Poetry, Ancestors, Politics & Play"
003 William McDonough - 
"Designing the Next Industrial Revolution 
004 Michael Lerner - "The Age of Extinctions & the Emerging Environmental Health Movement"
Rebecca Adamson -
"First Nations & the Future of the Earth"  
005 Paul Stamets - "The Fungal Restoration & the Earth’s Natural Internet"
David Korten 
"Creating the Post-Corporate Society"
006 Anita Roddick -  
"Using Business for Social Change"  
007 Dave Foreman - "The Re-Wilding of the World"
Steven Foster -
"The Herbal Renaissance"  
008 Terri Swearingen - "Why I Went to Jail to Protect My Daughter from Toxic Polluters"
JL Chestnut -
"Bringing Justice to African-American Farmers" 
009 Julia Butterfly Hill - 
"Direct Action on Behalf of the Earth"

010 *MARQUEE: Restoration All-Stars - Co-sponsored by Whole Earth and hosted 
by editor and field biologist Peter Warshall, this three-hour "Festival of Restoration" 
offers on-the-ground successes from some of the leading heroes of restoration. With 
legendary prairie bioneer Wes Jackson, rangeland renewer Dan Dagget, LA River restorer 
Lewis MacAdams, Mattole salmon watershed conservationist Freeman House, and EPA 
Colorado River revivalist Eugenia McNaughton.

(2 tape set for $20.00)
011 Women Writers and Restoration - 
Leading activist-artists Alice Walker and Paula Gunn Allen explore the role of 
women educators and writer/artists in creating a life-affirming, Earth-honoring 
012 Drylands Permaculture - 
Vint Lawrence, solar designer and founder of New Mexico’s Apache Creek Ranch, 
shares hands-on expertise for permaculture techniques suited to arid bioregions.
013 Urban Design: Creating the Eco-City - 
Eco-city visionaries Richard Register and Kirstin Miller show how to roll back 
sprawl and reshape cities as creatively sculptured, healthy, living organisms, 
sustainably integrated into the larger ecosystem with greenways and wildlife 
014 Fair Trade and Financial Activism - 
One antidote to the exploitive and environmentally destructive corporate 
domination of global commerce is to build "Fair Trade" and to invest our 
money in equitable enterprises. Learn pragmatic steps with Global Exchange’s 
Kevin Danaher, Walnut Securities’ socially responsible investment specialist 
Lincoln Pain and Co-op America’s Alisa Gravitz. 
015 Environmental Justice: Local & Global Dimensions -  
Co-sponsored by Project Underground
Whether it’s toxic dumping in poor communities of color in the U.S. or the 
ravages of drilling and mining in Nigeria, Burma or the Amazon, marginalized 
people pay the price for "prosperity." Learn effective strategies to limit and stop 
injustice with host Carwil James, Project Underground’s oil campaigner, Henry Clark, 
Executive Director of the West County Toxics Coalition, and Goldman Prize winner, 
tireless West Virginia-based anti-incinerator campaigner Terri Swearingen.
016 United Plant Savers: Conserving our Botanical Heritage - 
Join plant people extraordinaire Rosemary Gladstar and Steven Foster to review 
the urgent efforts underway by UpS and others to save medicinal plants from 
overharvesting and habitat loss, plus what you can do to help. 


Human Cloning & Germ-Line Alteration - 
Genetically modified humans?  Influential scientists want to begin creating genetically 
engineered children and human clones.  Activists Richard Hayes and Marcy Darnovsky 
and author Richard Heinberg (Cloning the Buddha) explain what’s at stake and why we 
need to act soon to avoid being pushed over irreversible thresholds. 
019 Re-Inventing Design - 
Leading visionary architect William McDonough chronicles the revolution in industrial 
design that is eliminating the very concept of waste while creating jobs, sustainable 
profits and environmental restoration. 
020 Move the Money: Using Business to Redirect Social Policy - 
Entrepreneurs and tireless social-justice advocates Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's and 
Anita Roddick of The Body Shop describe their various efforts to use business for social 
change, such as Ben's Move the Money campaign to deflect wasteful military spending 
into crucial social programs. 
021 Voluntary Simplicity - 
Betsy Taylor
022 Waterworld: The Patterns of Nature - 
Water magician Jennifer Greene brings her astounding pictorial odyssey through
the world of liquid magic and offers a Biodynamic view of the molecular wonders 
at the heart of self-repair. She also shows highly practical approaches to 
water restoration. 
023 Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment - 
Author Ingrid Naiman explains the rarely used but very effective caustic herbal-mineral 
agents documented to effectively treat skin cancers and other external conditions. 
She also discusses her unique work reconstructing valuable traditional cancer remedies. 

Thundering Hooves, Chicken Tractors and the Seventh Generation - 
Joel Salatin, the Shenandoah Valley’s stand-up genius of "alternative farming," shows 
his extraordinary system of rotational grazing and other Earth magic that produce 
healthy herds, rich topsoil and robust economics.

025 Building an Organic Seed Industry - 
This special session - complemented by a follow-up planning meeting - brings 
crucial developments to light on how farmers are self-organizing to create a 
commercial supply of organic seeds, and to develop more diverse, resilient strains 
of cereal grains.  Especially in the context of genetic engineering, the need has 
never been greater to assure a supply of organic seeds with more genetic variability, 
now lacking to farmers.  Join Fred Kirschenmann and his allies from the Northern 
Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society and NC+ Organics to learn about farmer-owned 
organic seed coops and breeding organic varieties.
026 Visionary Activism - 
Mythological astrologer Caroline Casey takes the high road to illuminate the Big 
Wheels of cosmic re-shuffling calling for planetary restoration.  This popular author 
(Making the Gods Work for You) and KPFA radio coyote brings levity to gravity and 
always lands with amazing insights on The Meaning Of It All. 
027 Youth Activism - 
Adam Werbach, the dynamic former youngest-ever President of the Sierra Club, joins 
tree-top heroine Julia Butterfly Hill to envision how best to mobilize the future through 
the passion and energy of committed young people. 

028 *MARQUEE: Globalization and the Environment - 
Co-sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization with host Jerry Mander, 
with David Korten, author of The Post Corporate World; The Body Shop founder 
and renegade businesswoman Anita Roddick; Canada’s author-activist Tony Clarke 
and NYU Professor of Media Ecology Mark Crispin Miller.  This three-hour session 
assembles leading opponents of corporate monopoly and antidemocratic institutions 
such as the WTO, IMF and the World Bank. They share their analyses and strategies 
to resist the new Robber Barons and the commodification of life. 
*(2 tape set for $20.00)
029 Where the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life Intertwine - 
Ancient metaphors address the cultural reality of what it means to be major participants 
in creation, as humanity has done with agriculture. Join renowned author and educator 
Wes Jackson to explore the challenge of  practicing agriculture without destroying 
biological diversity.
030 Native American Women’s Vision -  
North American indigenous women leaders offer First Peoples’ perspectives on solutions 
to the environmental crisis, with First Nations Development Institute’s Rebecca Adamson, 
educator and White Corn entrepreneur Yvonne Dion-Buffalo, author Paula Gunn Allen and 
Melissa Nelson of theCultural Conservancy.
031 Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature - 
Many of the greatest technological breakthroughs of the next century will come from 
emulating the incredibly sophisticated organizing principles and chemistry found in 
life itself. Join Janine Benyus, author of the highly influential book Biomimicry,  
to examine sustainable solutions using nature as model and mentor.
032 The Altered States of America: Indigenous Shamanic Sacraments - 
According to many observers, the ancient relationship between the peoples and 
sacred shamanic hallucinogens of the Americas - peyote, ayahuasca and psylicibin 
mushrooms - helps maintain a balance with the natural world. Join ethnobotanist 
Kathleen Harrison and mycologist Paul Stamets for a visionary tour of the 
phyto-geography of consciousness.
033 Covering the Land: Environmental Journalism - 
The publishers of two exemplary journals, Ed Marston of High Country News which 
reports the West, and Fred Walters of Acres USA, voice of Eco-Agriculture, reveal 
that in-depth, leading-edge environmental journalism can have a decisive impact.
034 Biodynamic Agriculture - 
Fred Kirschenmann, the country's largest Biodynamic (BD) grower, joins BD farmer 
and certifier Gena Nonini for a compelling exploration of this remarkably sophisticated 
holistic system that harmonizes the human, animal, plant, soil and spirit realms to produce 
exceptionally nourishing food and environmental regeneration.
035 Antibiotic Herbs - 
The overuse of conventional antibiotics is giving rise to deadly antibiotic-resistant 
infections. There are benign and effective herbal alternatives for treating many of 
these ailments.  Join celebrated herbalist and author Stephen Buhner for this 
hands-on tour of the botanical antibiotic medicine chest.
036 The Environmental Movement and the Internet -  
Co-sponsored by PlaNetwork, this session demonstrates how the Internet is proving 
an invaluable tool for activists.  Co-producers of PlaNetwork Jim Fournier and 
Elizabeth Thompson join former Environmental Defense Fund web wizard Bill Pease, 
Josh Knauer, founder of Envirolink.org and GreenMarketplace.com, and Earth Island’s 
Brian West to look at the future of "green" use of the Net. 
037 Safe as Milk? RBGH as the First Mass Medical Experiment of GMO Food - 
Dr. Samuel Epstein, a leader in the struggle against recombinant Bovine Growth 
Hormone (rBGH) and an expert on the deleterious effects of GMO Foods on human 
health, points to the fact that this genetically engineered hormone has been widely 
present in the food supply since 1983. He chronicles this mind-boggling classic case 
history of suppressed data and corporate crime used to gain regulatory approval. 

Restorative Solutions: a Bio-Jam on Economics, Biology & Culture -  
Join this conversation among friends Hunter Lovins, Co-Author of Natural Capitalism 
and Co-CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute, Peter Warshall, Janine Benyus and Dan Dagget, 
who'll be talking about Natural Capitalism, Biomimicry, Eco-Results, and implementing 
solutions that are restorative and can reconnect people, community and land.   


Restoring the Feminine - 
Where women lead, environmental and social improvement follows. As we restore 
value to the feminine principle, it alters the shape of our institutions, societies, 
and our lives.  A stirring conversation among authors Susan Griffin, Paula Gunn Allen, 
and China Galland, moderated by producer Nina Simons.

040 Latin American Permaculture - 
Join Ali Sharif, a pioneer of Latin American permaculture now working in Brazil, 
for a stunning pictorial tour showing the art of integrating human life into a sublime, 
ecologically balanced, edible landscape in tropical conditions.
041 Architecture and Climate Change - 
Casey Coates Danson  
042 Social Change Strategies: Learning from the Ganges Campaign - 
In this participatory workshop with global social change activist Fran Peavey, we will 
learn how the valuable lessons gained in the campaign to clean the Ganges river in India 
can be applied in other struggles. 
043 Assuring a Future for Black Farming in the US - 
Join African-American attorney J.L. Chestnut and Ralph Paige, founder of the Federation 
of Southern Cooperatives, to review the historic victory on behalf of black farmers in 
the largest class-action suit in U.S. history on grounds of institutional racism. Where in 
1900 there were about one million black farmers, about 10,000 remain today, fewer 
than 175 of whom are under age sixty.  How do we secure a future for black farmers 
in the U.S.? 
044 Don’t Just Surf, Make Waves - 
Join Josh Knauer, founder of Envirolink.org, GreenMarketplace.com and 
Networkforchange.com for a down-and-dirty workshop for activists to help them 
harness the latest tools and resources of the Internet for environmental and social change.
045 Utopian Legacies - 
Iroquois historian and leader John Mohawk unravels the tragic paradox of Western 
civilization: How utopian ideals have repeatedly resulted instead in genocide 
and repression. Mohawk argues that persecution, oppression and intolerance 
will continue until humanity embraces a pluralistic outlook.

046 *MARQUEE: Nature and Spirit -   
For many people, our commitments to conservation and restoration are informed 
by our deep spiritual connection to nature.  This session assembles a stellar panel 
of inspired leaders from a broad spectrum of faiths to share views on our role as 
human beings in the great web of life.  With author/educator and priest Matthew Fox, 
author China Galland, Reverend Peter Kreitler, Native American historian John Mohawk, 
pagain author and activist Starhawk and African spiritual teacher Luisah Teish.

*(2 tape set for $20.00)
047 The Gaia Hypothesis Revisited - 
The publication of the Gaia Hypothesis -- that the biosphere is a self-regulating 
"superorganism" -- was among the landmark scientific ideas of the late 20th century.  
Join NYU Earth-system scientist and leading ecologist and author Tyler Volk 
(Gaia’s Body) for a spirited conversation with biologist Peter Warshall to understand 
where the hypothesis stands over twenty years later and where biosphere science 
is headed. 
048 Preventing Breast Cancer - 
Dr. Samuel Epstein, among the world’s most deeply informed experts on the causes 
and prevention of cancer and a leading critic of the "cancer establishment," offers 
both personal and political approaches to preventing the epidemic of breast cancer.

The Ecozoic Artist: Creating for Earth & Spirit - 
This dynamic session explores how art can be an exquisite vehicle to unite science, 
activism and spirituality for ecological and cultural healing.  Moderated by artist 
elder Jo Hanson with environmental artist and educator Jackie Brookner and 
performance artist and world-wheel project creator Vijali.

050 Black Farming with the Federation - 
In the southeastern U.S., African-American farmers still work the land their ancestors 
received through the Slave Land Grant 130.  Ben Burkett and Virgil Smith of the 
Federation of Southern Cooperatives hold an open discussion of the Black farmer 
experience and what it takes to survive, thrive and maintain ownership of their land.
051 Media, Culture and the Environment - 
he creative use of independent media can have a profound effect in nurturing 
and stimulating positive change.  Join Nina Utne of Utne Reader and Michael Toms 
of New Dimensions Radio to explore how alternative media are filling the void 
left by the National Entertainment State of corporate infotainment. 
052 The Restoration of Hemp - 
Industrial hemp is an incredibly versatile crop that has enormous potential as a 
source of environmentally benign textiles, paper, energy, oil and foods. Hosted 
by activist-attorney David C. Frankel.  Join  Tierra Madre's  Joe Hickey, nutritional 
specialist from Spectrum Organic Products Rees Moerman,  and irrepressible business 
activist Anita Roddick, who has boldly put hemp in products and provocative ads. 
053 Herb Seed Diversity - 
Renowned seed collector and Horizon Herbs founder Richo Cech, a formidable 
authority on medicinal plants, stresses the importance of planting a wide diversity 
of herbs to preserve ecological health. A seasoned grower, Richo presents a 
hands-on approach to enhancing diversity in the garden and keeping ancient healing 
wisdom alive. 

The Re-Wilding of North America - 
Earth First! founder Dave Foreman brings a visionary initiative endorsed by 
conservation biologists to "re-wild" our continent with biological corridors that 
could save large mammals and the ecosystems with which they've co-evolved. 


Green Plans in Action - 
Director of San Francisco's Department of the Environment Francesca Vietor and 
acclaimed author Mark Hertsgaard (Earth Odyssey), proponent of a Global Green 
Plan, look at practical solutions in place or on the way from green plans.

056 Reforming Bay Area Transport - 
There are no automobile-based solutions to the growing problems of sprawl 
and congestion; these crises require severe changes in our live-work-commute 
and land-use practices. Join Roy Nakadegawa and David Schonbrunn, Bay Area 
transportation activists who will discuss the factors involved in the search for 
solutions.  Moderated by Walnut Securities’ Lincoln Pain. 
057 Training Activists for Direct Action - 
Eco-heroine Julia Butterfly Hill and John Sellers of the Ruckus Society (that so 
effectively prepared hundreds of activists for the WTO and IMF protests), discuss 
the tactics and strategies of effective non-violent direct action, including training 
camps and rules of engagement. 
058 The Fungus Among Us - 
Myco-magician Paul Stamets reveals his latest discoveries on how the fungal 
kingdom transforms poisonous wastes, dramatically enhances companion planting 
in the garden, and regenerates human health. This stuff is so remarkable that it’s 
over the leading edge…
059 Gaian Aesthetics - 
Join Peter Warshall and soundscape designer Bernie Krause to see and hear why 
"beauty" is a biological sensibility and not a purely human construct. Four billion 
years of evolution have graced Earth’s creatures with an extraordinary palette 
of sounds, colors and shapes, a planetary aesthetic that human artists remain 
intimately though often unconsciously connected to.
060 Women Organic Food Entrepreneurs - 
Leslie McEachern, owner/operator of Angelica Kitchen, NYC’s premier whole
foods restaurant; food activist and chef to the stars Donna Prizgintas; and 
Northern California’s Flea Street Café owner Jesse Cool discuss the struggles 
and joys of keeping small, ethically driven nutritionally-based enterprises thriving.
061 The Rise of Green Energy - 
Replacing fossil fuels with non-toxic, sustainable alternatives is one of the keys to 
reversing planetary environmental degradation.  Join solar expert and author 
John Perlin and Jeff Oldham, manager of the Design & Consulting Group at Real Goods, 
to examine the current status of "green energy." 
062 Wildlands as Garden: Indigenous Agroecology - 
The indigenous peoples of North America have been masterful cultivators of the 
and developed highly sophisticated growing methods for entire ecosystems.  
Join restoration ecologist Dennis Martinez and Greg Smitman of the Intertribal Agricultural 
Council to explore efforts to keep these vital traditions alive and well.
063 Alternative Cancer Therapies - 
Just as the War on Cancer has emerged as a "qualified failure," unconventional 
treatments are rising in scientific validation and popularity. Epidemiological 
researchers Gar and Christeene Hildenbrand and cancer patients’ advocate 
Frank Wiewel review the current state of knowledge about the efficacy of 
alternative approaches to treating cancer as well as illustrating political strategies 
for making these treatments more widely available in the U.S.
064 Digging Behind Environmental News - 
Co-sponsored by Mother Jones, with publisher Jay Harris, with Democracy Now’s 
ace reporter Amy Goodman, and John Stauber of PR Watch, learn how courageous 
independent investigative reporting still gets done despite the concentration of 
mainstream media in mega-corporations. This is the news behind the news of how 
spin doctors subvert the story with cloaking devices such as covert corporate PR 
065 Creating Community Currencies - 
An interactive workshop designed to demystify the monetary system and the global 
economy, explain the benefits of local currencies, and give us the tools to set up 
our own local currencies.  With Carol Brouillet, a leading figure in the community 
currency movement, Maria Gilardin, founder of T.U.C. Radio, and David Melly of 
Berkeley Region Exchange and Development. 
066 Closing Ceremony  

PLENARY VIDEOS (all plenary videos are available @ $30.00 each + $4.00 shipping & handling) 

V01 Joel Salatin - "Future Farming of America"
Wes Jackson -
"Solving the 10,0000 Year-Old Problem of Agriculture"
V02 Paula Gunn Allen - "Sacred Nature: Gender & Spirit in American Indian Thought"
Alice Walker -
"What the Spirits are up to: Poetry, Ancestors, Politics & Play"
V03 William McDonough - 
"Designing the Next Industrial Revolution"  
V04 Michael Lerner - "The Age of Extinctions & the Emerging Environmental Health Movement"
Rebecca Adamson -
"First Nations & the Future of the Earth"  
V05 Paul Stamets - "The Fungal Restoration & the Earth’s Natural Internet"
David Korten -
"Creating the Post-Corporate Society"
V06 Anita Roddick -  
"Using Business for Social Change"  
V07 Dave Foreman - "The Re-Wilding of the World"
Steven Foster -
"The Herbal Renaissance"  
V08 Terri Swearingen - "Why I Went to Jail to Protect My Daughter from Toxic Polluters"
JL Chestnut -
"Bringing Justice to African-American Farmers" 
V09 Julia Butterfly Hill - 
"Direct Action on Behalf of the Earth"

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