ISAR - The International Society for Astrological Research
The International Society of Astrological Research
October 4 - 9, 2000  *  Anaheim, CA



001 Professional Astrology at Work - OPA/PROSIG's 2000 Conference  3 Tapes for $27
Welcome to Professional Astrology at Work
- Diana Riviere
PROSIG's Past/OPA's Future
- Bob Mulligan
Panel Discussion: Beginning an Astrological Consultation
; Moderator: Georgia Stathis
Between Client & Astrologer: Content of an Astrological Session
- Bob Mulligan
Panel Discussion: Creating Closure for an Astrological
Consultation. Moderator: Maureen Ambrose
Live Counseling Demonstrations
- Moderator: Arlan Wise  Opening the Session, Sandra-Leigh Serio; Closing the Session, Moon Zlotnick;
Discussion and Comments

002  So: You Want to be an Astrologer? - Kim Rogers-Gallagher  1 Tape for $10  
An entertaining look at the life of an astrologer in the year 2000.

003  Ethics Training and Testing  - Coordinator: Glenn Perry, Ph.D.  2 Tapes for $20
This is a required course for ISAR Certification. Attendees who have been practicing astrologers for a minimum of ten years are eligible to be "Grandfathered" into the first group of ISAR certified astrologers. To apply for certification contact the registration desk for an application form. Others will receive credit towards completion of requirements for standard ISAR certification. The training will cover a code of ethics, advertising, client confidentiality, interpretations and predictions, advice giving, sexual conduct, dual relationships, research, teaching, publishing, continuing education and supervision, referrals, fees and scope of practice

004  Introduction to The Future of Astrology - 1 Tape for $10   
5 minute presentations by: AAGB - Astrological Association of Great Britain - Roy Gillett and Nick Campion
CHTA - Center for Transpersonal Astrology - Joyce Hoen, Netherlands
Swiss World Congress - Verena Bachmann and Claude Weiss, Switzerland
AFAN - Ronnie Dreyer, AFAN Presiding Officer - "The Importance of Ethics"
NCGR - Maria Kay Simms, NCGR Chairperson - "The Importance of Certification"
ISAR - Raymond Merriman, ISAR President - "The Importance of Ethics and Certification to the Future of Astrology"

005  History of Astrology - Joseph Crane  1 Tape for $10  
The history of astrology from ancient times to present.

006  Progression Theory, Application, and Transit Triggers - Robert Blaschke  1 Tape for $10  
An introduction to progression theory, both time and metaphysical; progressed planetary motion; discerning significant progressions from the natal chart; transits triggering the progressed sensitive degrees; progressed lunations and eclipses; progressed retrogradation and stationary aspects; the secondary, tertiary, and minor progressed 1:13:27 time ratio.

007  Getting Prepared for an Astrological Consultation - Carol Tebbs  1 Tape for $10
Once the session is scheduled, make the most of the time. Provide definitions of signs and symbols, select a comprehensive worksheet (some options are provided), and tape the session. Follow up on details, and update personal file information in computer for future reference.

008  Charting Change; When, How...Do We Really Want It? - Monica Dimino  1 Tape for $10
Lives are not transformed because we as astrologers want change for our clients. We must learn to look for signs of readiness in charts and then introduce alternatives. What are these signs? Where are the mileposts in people's lives? How do we detect turning points? When is one ready for change? This class will explore these questions and suggest ways of handling these critical times in our clients' lives.

009  Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths - Bill Meridian  1 Tape for $10
Charles Jayne discovered the effect of the eclipse shadow in the 30's and 40's. These paths trace the areas where history is played out. Not only did he accomplish this, but he developed a methodology of mundane forecasting. Bill Meridian has retrieved his teacher's works from the past.

010  Ethics in Relationship Counseling - Moderator: Dorothy Oja  1 Tape for $10
Panelists: Verena Bachmann, Darby Costello, Dennis Harness, James Coleman, Glenn Perry, Gloria Star

012  How To Work With Boards of Companies & Organizations - Bob Mulligan  1 Tape for $10
This talk covers three main areas: The difference between individual consultations and doing work with a board. The difference between working with a company or organization and doing ordinary synastry work. When is it appropriate to convert individual work into work for a board of directors. There are some special topics that relate to three main areas: We will discuss the use of company and organizational charts. We will talk about the difference between closely held and publicly traded companies and what makes for safe forecasting with a board of directors.

014  Planetary Hours - Arlene Kramer 1 Tape for $10
Modern technology encourages us to take a new look at the ancient theory and technique of Planetary Hours. This lecture covers the origins of the technique, the calculations, the definitions of each of the hours, and examples of their use in modern times. You will want to examine Planetary Hours for the new Millennium.

015  The Astronomy of Astrology - Michael Munkasey  1 Tape for $10
Michael has been giving this lecture for many years. It has been described as one of the clearest lectures on the "astronomy of astrology" given anywhere. It has been chosen by five UAC committees as "the" lecture about the foundations of astrology for the UAC beginner track. This class describes the "circles" in space, which are used to create an astrological chart.

016  Solar Returns: The Art of Forecasting the Year Ahead - Raymond Merriman  1 Tape for $10
The Year Ahead and How To Maximize It With Relocation: Discussion on the meaning of the solar return chart in effect for a given year, with emphasis upon the house of the solar return Sun, planets conjunct solar return house cusps, and planets in aspect to solar return angles. Methods for timing events during the course of the year.

017  Helping Clients Through the Midlife Transits - Regina Gerstman  1 Tape for $10
This lecture will integrate the midlife development psychological theory of Levinson & Vaillant with earlier theorists such as Jacques, Jung and career developmentalist Super. Astrologers will gain a framework for clients undergoing typical events during the midlife transits, such as career transition or divorce.

018  From Royalty to Revolution-The Marriage of Leo and Aquarius - Glenn Perry 1 Tape for $10
As ruler of Leo, the Sun symbolizes the self-esteem and prideful attachment to a particular identity. As ruler of Aquarius, Uranus signifies the need for perspective and liberation from fixed definitions of self. Hard aspects between Sun and Uranus indicate a potential revolt against the tyranny of the ego. The result could be conscious evolution, recognition of impermanence, and self-emancipation.

019  Looking at World "Hot Spots" Geodetically - Chris McRae  1 Tape for $10
The concept and its various uses will be outlined including relocational, political, geophysical, and weather. The Geodetic World Map, depicting global Mid-Heavens and Ascendants will be used to follow major transits, including lunations, eclipses, and conjunctions as they move across the globe as world events unfold. For enticement, we will also look at some future global "hot spots.

020  Fourplay: Sex, Lies, and Archetypes - James Coleman  1 Tape for $10
Birds do it. Bees do it. We all do it for different reasons. From Neanderthal mating to Genetic Engineering, the entire evolution of sex is covered in four basic astrological themes. I hope this lecture is as good for you as it is for me!

021  When to Stay Out of the Market - Tim Bost  1 Tape for $10
Whether you're planning a long-term portfolio or seeking short-term trading profits, there are times when you're likely to be off the mark in your investment decisions. You can avoid big losses with an awareness of key factors in the natal chart and an understanding of basic electional principles that relate to the markets.

022  Planning and Marketing Your Practice: Nuts and Bolts - Georgia Stathis  1 Tape for $10
Every astrologer starts somewhere when evolving from an avocation towards a viable career. Georgia Stathis presents her own experience of 25 years and covers such things as: Getting started, Identifying your Interests and Market; Budgeting, Marketing, and Fees. Other topics covered are working in or out of your home, product presentation, and diversification.

023  Every Astrologer a Researcher - Mark McDonough 1 Tape for $10
Astrology research can be lots of fun and you do not need statistics to make genuine discoveries. Current software takes care of the drudgery while you play and learn. In this lecture Mark will argue for systematic data selection and the sharing of results with others so that each of us can improve on the work of those that have come before. Come find out what's going on in astrology research today and how you can help.

024  The Game Chart - Sport Chart Analysis - Cynthia Withers 1 Tape for $10
The Drama of Planets in Focus. What better way to watch planetary aspects in action than during a sporting event? The synastry of teams, quarterbacks and coaches charts against The Game Chart shows where the power is on the field during a pro football game, while the secrets of The Game Chart provide the key to betting against Vegas' point spread. Learn to strengthen your understanding of aspects and configurations. The tools presented here will help you find possible ways to put these skills to use in other areas of astrology

025  The 10 Steps - Delineating Natal Planets - Ricki Reeves 1 Tape for $10
Delineating natal planets (sign/house/aspect) in the natural order of our solar system (i.e. Moon position 1st, Mercury 2nd, Venus 3rd, Sun, Mars, etc.) provides a personal road map to how one feels, thinks, relates, identifies, acts, etc..... These ten step-by-step "planetary instructions" suggest techniques for transforming of wounds into new strengths and empowerment (Pluto).

026  Uranian Astrology for the Complete Idiot - Bruce Scofield  1 Tape for $10
The astrological system that was developed in Germany early this century has much to offer technically minded astrologers, particularly those who do rectifications and electional charts. But it can also offer much to any student of astrology who is willing to open their mind to a more crystalline and geometric view of how planets affect us. Topics covered include planetary pictures, common axes, and midpoints.

027  The Technique of Symbol Amplification in Astrological Counseling - Greg Bogart  1 Tape for $10
Chart interpretation is the art of amplifying planetary symbols to explore their many possible meanings, just as one amplifies dream imagery. This process fosters a clientšs spontaneous self-understanding and active participation in a shared discovery of meaning. Astrology becomes interpretive and dialogical, as well as oracular and prognostic.

028  How Astrology Can Remove Relationship Shame - Jennifer Freed  1 Tape for $10
This presentation will help practitioners unravel the intentions behind the innumerable lessons we learn in relationship. We will explore the non-judgmental wisdom of the cosmos, which helps pinpoint each person's unique and perfect path in relationship.

029  Medieval Mundane Astrology: What It Says About Present & Future - Robert Hand  1 Tape for $10
An exploration of the differing outlooks between medieval astrology's mundane concerns and issues of today's professionals.

030  Transforming Old Patterns - Verena Bachmann  1 Tape for $10
By understanding the deeper meaning of the energies and needs involved in difficult constellations, we are able to transform old patterns and scripts into more creative expressions. In this lecture we will explore possible experiences and behavioral patterns from childhood as well as pre-birth and collective imprints connected to important aspects of the transpersonal planets. We will then look at ways to develop a new understanding of their challenges and find possibilities to express their potential in daily life.

031  How to Choose Stocks That Will Outperform the Market - Grace Morris  1 Tape for $10
Learn the step by step process for finding growing companies with good earnings using easily available tools. Then learn to apply astrological techniques including transits, progressions and eclipses to incorporation and first trade stocks.

032  Vocational Themes in the Horoscope - Maureen Ambrose  1 Tape for $10
How to detect vocational themes in the chart. Choosing a vocation can be one of the most important life decisions we need to make. Sometimes this must be done more than once or twice when career changes are required. We will explore how to locate individual occupational landscapes.

033  Moving Beyond 2000:Astrologers Becoming Computerized - Rick Levine  1 Tape for $10
In the past few decades, we've seen astrologers get computerized. Then came email, and now, the web. Where is it all going? What will astrology be like in ten or twenty years? Journey with web wizard, Rick Levine, into our very-wired future, where astrology becomes something very different than it is today!

034  Techniques, Practices, and Beliefs of Babylonian Astrology - Nick Campion  1 Tape for $10
Babylonian astrology contained the earliest form of some of the basic techniques of modern astrology, such as dignities and aspects, but also contained other ways of working which were based on ancient ways of seeing the world. What lessons can we draw from the original form of our art?

035  Aspect Networks and Grand Patterns - Carol Tebbs  1 Tape for $10
Aspect networks involving three or more planets define the major areas essential in destiny fulfillment. Activation of these close aspect networks demark the timing for the unfolding pattern The greater numbers of planets and angles In the aspect network, the more compelling the destiny signified.

036  Basics in Locational Astrology - Topaz Weiss  1 Tape for $10
This first of two sessions focuses on the basic rules and fundamentals in astro*carto*graphy, cyclo*carto*graphy, the use of relocated charts and local space astrology. This lecture will not only unveil the impact planetary influences have on location, it will also dispel many popular misconceptions often passed on to clients as fact.

037  Listen and Win - Art of Unconscious Communication in Practice - Michael Lutin  1 Tape for $10
This class will examine the art of unconscious communication in clinical practice and everyday life.

038  Transpersonal Dimensions of Astrological Counseling - Richard Tarnas  1 Tape for $10
Many who seek astrological insight want more than superficial predictions about their coming year's financial and sexual fortunes. Our depth of psychospiritual experience and self-knowledge will greatly affect our usefulness to those we counsel. Important recent advances have given us a more profound understanding of both the human psyche and planetary archetypes.

039  Methods of Forecasting Mundane Trends For 2000-2003 - Claude Weiss  1 Tape for $10
Exploring the trends for the next three years using various methods, this class will discuss possible outcomes derived from the array of forecasting tools at hand.

040  Synastry: How 2 Become 1 - Darby Costello  1 Tape for $10  
Looking at the synastry between two charts we see how two separate creatures touch one another in all the myriad ways. Looking at the Composite, we see how these two different fields of energy become one. This lecture will explore how the two methods interact in love and friendship.

041  Harmonic Trading and Using Planetary Geometry to Pinpoint Reversals - Thomas Long  1 Tape for $10
This class will take a closer look at Harmonic price analysis, using planetary aspects to pinpoint key price levels where reversals and breakouts are likely to occur. We will go over the particular price patterns that define how price reacts to planetary harmonics. Recognition of these patterns allows us to qualify our trades, minimize our risk levels, and maximize our profit potential.

042  How to Get in the Door to Consulting With Businesses - Moderator: Georgia Stathis  1 Tape for $10
Panelists: Robert Mulligan, Grace Morris, Maureen Ambrose, Laura Des Jardins, Maria Kay Simms

043  Astrological Research at the Church of Light - Paul Brewer  1 Tape for $10
Many astrologers "cut their teeth" on the work of Elbert Benjamine. Doris Chase Doane has carried on
that tradition. Learn some of the history behind 30 Years Research along with the methods being explored for future research and the part that Astrodynes can play.

044  Vedic Astrology - Ronnie Dreyer  1 Tape for $10
Is Vedic Astrology nothing more than fortune telling? Are you afraid to consult a Vedic Astrologer because you may hear your life is fated and out of your hands? If you believe the above myths, this lecture is for you. The truth of the matter is that Vedic Astrology has always been a tool for knowledge and growth like any other system used today. Utilizing sample charts and sample readings, we will show how the astrologer's own knowledge, ethics and counseling skills hold the key to responsible interpretation and forecasting. Most of all, we will dispel the myths surrounding this fascinating and ancient art.

123  "Heaven Help Us!" - Comedy Show with Philip Sedgwick  1 Tape for $10
Join Philip Sedgwick and take a humorous and irreverent look at the state of modern astrology. Philip will guide you through preparation for the newly devised ISAR exams, help you find the right things to say to your clients and examine the infiltration of astrology into society today. Bring a paper bag in case of hyperventilation and whatever bladder control protection you might deem necessary. After being Astrologically Incorrect at UAC you know this is gonna be good!

045  The Zodiac Alphabet: Natal Chart Synthesis - Zip Dobyns  1 Tape for $10
The personality system of astrology conceptualizes twelve basic drives or desires which are symbolized by planets, zodiac signs, horoscope houses, the nodes of all the planets, the dwads of the signs which put a whole zodiac in each sign, etc. Once we understand the twelve psychological principles, astrology is logical. Each chart has all of the principles, but each has its own unique emphasis.

046  Harmonics - David Cochrane  1 Tape for $10
Clear explanation of what harmonic astrology is, how it compares to traditional astrology, and how it is used. This seminar will remove the mystery behind harmonics, and how themes in the chart are revealed through harmonic patterns. Explanation of harmonic charts, octave harmonics, and other concepts of harmonic astrology.

047  When and How to Say "Yes" or "No" - Roy Gillett  1 Tape for $10
Very often the client seeks answers, while the counseling astrologer prefers to provide basic information, from which the client can find his or her own answers. Using detailed illustrations from individual charts, Roy will show how judging the timing of astro events reveals a natural flow that gloriously satisfies both client and counselor.

048  Astrology and NLP - Joanne Wickenburg  1 Tape for $10
There is a "part" of you that yearns for excitement; another "part" wants you to be safe. Still another wants respect and recognition. Do these "parts" work together in harmony or at cross-purposes? This lecture merges astrological interpretative techniques with powerful, yet simplistic LP counseling strategies.

049  National Charts: Understanding History and Forecasting the Future - Nicholas Campion  1 Tape for $10
The theory and practice of the national chart in understanding history and predicting the future, with discussion and case examples, including the case of King Charles 1 of England and the horoscope of America, the collapse of Russia and the British Royal Family's void of course Moon.

050  Love and Marriage in Ancient & Medieval Astrology - Joseph Crane  1 Tape for $10
This talk introduces ancient and medieval astrology through investigation of love, sexuality, and marriage following procedures from astrology's past. Here we'll work with lots ("parts"), natural relationships between planets, with quadrants, houses, and aspects. We'll use notable nativities and some of our own.

052  Business Consulting Skills - How to Consult With Companies - Grace Morris  1 Tape for $10
Learn how to work with all levels of management, i.e., CEOs, presidents and managers. Learn all faces of communication from the first contact to maintenance. Learn how to gather and disseminate information pertinent to the business.

054  Hindu Dasha System-Exploring Predictive Planetary Periods - Dennis Harness  1 Tape for $10
A unique feature of Vedic or Hindu Astrology are the planetary periods (dasha/bhukti cycles) which can clearly reveal future trends and developmental life cycles. This analysis is particularly helpful for gaining a more comprehensive overview of a client's life. Marriage, financial success, spiritual growth and other important life changes and events can be revealed with detailed accuracy. Dr. Harness will explore how this powerful predictive tool can be utilized to complement transit and progression techniques. 

055  Dispositors, Chart Rulers, and Critical Degrees - Maureen Ambrose  1 Tape for $10
This area of basic astrology many times is not completely understood. Learn
these concepts and why they are important tools in your chart delineations. Critical degrees will be emphasized in this illustrated lecture.

056  Integrating the 5th and 7th Harmonics - Rick Levine  1 Tape for $10
Harmonics are no longer just for the math geeks! In fact, the 5th and 7th Harmonics add a fabric of richness to most any reading. Using popular software, astrologers can touch a deeper place of non-physical dimensions. Put soul into your readings and learn a few powerful but easy techniques.

057  The Moon as Automatic Listening Response - Glenn Perry  1 Tape for $10
Of central importance to the counselor is the ability to listen. As astrologers, we must contain the client's feelings and convey a warm acceptance and understanding. The Moon's sign, house, and aspects symbolize our automatic listening response and the likely style and substance of our emotional rapport.

058  Personal Development Through the Mirror of Relationship Patterns - Verena Bachmann  1 Tape for $10
As we grow, we draw different types of people into our lives. Through synastry and composites, we can see which patterns are activated at different times and which steps we are taking in our personal growth. This lecture will explore how difficult patterns can teach us to integrate unconscious and/or unlived parts of our chart and also, how we can add specific qualities to our personality through integrating needed qualities that we see or experience in others.

059  Correlations of 20th Century Planetary Cycles with Major Cultural Trends - Richard Tarnas  1 Tape for $10  
The great alignments of the five outer planets have coincided with the principal patterns and archetypal dynamics of twentieth-century cultural life. No method of historical analysis brings greater illumination to the character or timing of cultural phenomena than does an astrology informed by a deep grasp of planetary archetypal meaning.

060  Composite/Davidson Relationship Skills and Analysis - Dorothy Oja  1 Tape for $10
The Davison method is lesser known than the composite chart for interpreting the energetic interaction between people in relationships. But it can do so much more than the Composite chart. Learn how to use the Davison chart to maximum and chart the essence of relationship as well as it's developmental progress.

061  Geocosmic Correlations to Cycles in U.S. Stock Market - Raymond Merriman  1 Tape for $10
A class that will focus specifically upon Stock Market Timing - cycles and astrological correlations to timing the U.S. stock market, with the latest results of Merriman's research studies, applied to current and near-term U.S. stock market outlook.

062  Facilitating Possibility Thinking for Clients and Their Businesses - Georgia Stathis  1 Tape for $10  
Identifying perceived limitations (Saturn) in the horoscope is the first step in assisting clients towards a better business. The second is to awaken them to their ability to break out of a box (Uranus) in their thinking, and the third is to help design effective strategies (Mars and Jupiter) accompanied by their innate instinct (twelfth house).

063  Exceptional Charts - Lois Rodden  1 Tape for $10
There is nothing like extreme examples to clarify our understanding. With a demonstration of how to filter batches of charts from the AstroDatabank, extreme patterns in the charts of astrologers will demonstrate basic principles.

064  Planetary Periods in Western Astrology - Robert Hand  1 Tape for $10
Hindu astrology bases its predictions on periods of time ruled by a succession of planets. This gives a kind of overview for large periods of time that is not possible in conventional Western astrology. But there is a Western technique that does much the same thing. These are the Firdar or Alfridaries which come to us from the ancient Greeks via Persian and Arabic astrology. Alfirdaries are a very simple technique that can be mastered by relative beginners. The basic technique will be taught and applied to sample charts.

065  Cosmobiology: The 90-Degree Wheel For Quick Analysis - Maria Kay Simms  1 Tape for $10
Using the 90-Degree Dial and midpoints empowers you to see at-a-glance traits and tendencies you might otherwise miss. Here are the basics, with lots of visuals to show you how, even if you've never used a dial before. Identify key natal configurations plus transits and directions activating them.

066  Electional Astrology: The Timing of Events - Bruce Scofield  1 Tape for $10  
Electional astrology is the branch of astrology that navigates the future in search of optimum moments. Drawing from the traditional techniques of the Greeks and Romans and modern-day graphs and dials, a methodology for electing times will be presented.

067  Developing Empathic Attunement in Astrological Consultation - Jennifer Freed  1 Tape for $10
This presentation will focus on practical counseling skills that will help the practitioner to understand the client's experience in the astrological counseling process. We will focus on the delivery of chart information, and how we can attune to each client to insure the maximum receptivity to our consultations. We will become more aware of our filters and how they affect our reactions and interpretations of client material.

068  From Thorns To Roses: Helping Clients with Difficult Aspects - Glenn Perry  1 Tape for $10
Certain aspects in a horoscope symbolize areas of wounding and suffering. Very often the most difficult part of doing a "reading" is knowing what to say to clients when they confess their pain. How can we be of help? What can we say that will clarify the nature of the problem, reveal its deeper meaning, and provide them with hope?

069  Earth Upheaval and Weather-Disaster Prediction Techniques - Ann Parker  1 Tape for $10
Focusing on the years 2001-02, this talk will show how eclipses, astrocartography, the geodetic reference system, and planets Pluto, Mars and Uranus can be used to predict the possibility of earthquakes, volcanic activity, and weather related disasters in any part of the world. All techniques have been researched extensively.

070  Composites - Kim Rogers-Gallagher 1 Tape for $10
A composite chart is calculated from the midpoints of two or more charts. This class will examine the ins and outs of creating and interpreting a composite chart between two or more people.

071  Focus on Financial Market Cycles - Stan Harley  1 Tape for $10
Stan will focus on the characteristics of cycles and how to properly track and exploit them in real time. Stan will identify the long, intermediate, and short-term cycles in the stock market. He will show how to incorporate astronomical cycles to predict reversals in the stock market.

072  What Every Business Needs - Hiring Employees To Best Fit the Job - Laura Des Jardins  1 Tape for $10
Laura will take you through a step by step use of astrology in the placement of key employees and how they best fit in their job positions.

073  Common Pitfalls and Important Concepts in Astrological Research - Mark Urban-Lurain  1 Tape for $10
Got a great idea for a research project? Understanding a few important research concepts can help beginning researchers avoid many common mistakes. I will present several case studies that illustrate these concepts. Come and learn from the successes (and mistakes) of others.

074  Advanced Use and Practice of Locational Astrology - Topaz Weiss 1 Tape for $10
This gives a step by step approach to preparing and executing a professional session. We will use locational histories, natal charts, and advanced techniques to gain a psychological understanding of why clients choose the various 'locations' of their lives and where they may choose to go to achieve the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams.

075  Helping Clients with Forecasting - Bob Mulligan  1 Tape for $10
How to use secondary progressions, transits, and solar arcs to give advice and counsel to your clients. Forecasting is more than a mechanical discipline. It requires the skill of learning to give advice. The technical aspect and the communication aspect are demonstrated with case histories. Most astrologers earn a living by giving advice not by predicting events. It is extremely important to give advice without giving false hope or feeding your clients' fears.

076  Individual Forecasting With the 45 Degree Ephemeris - Roxana Muise  1 Tape for $10
A full year of dynamic aspects to your natal chart on one sheet of paper. AT-A-GLANCE, identify all the dates throughout the year when your stress level is likely to be high, and recognize the best time for healing. Distinguish between high and low stress windows of potential.

077  Powers and Pitfalls of Astrology As A Counseling Tool - Moderator: Glenn Perry  1 Tape for $10
Panelists Rick Tarnas, Michael Lutin, Jennifer Freed, Monica Dimino, Greg Bogart, and Darby Costello

078  The Astrologer as Hero - Matt Carnicelli 1 Tape for $10  
The essence of any transformational astrology must be an ability to model for clients, through both planetary symbolism and personal authenticity, the very thread of what Joseph Campbell described as "the hero's journey." This talk will explore the psycho-spiritual dimensions of our transition from everyman to astrologer, and their profound implications for our clients and our world.

079  Forecasting Weather Patterns Using Heliocentric Astrology - Philip Sedgwick  1 Tape for $10
If you don't like weather you can wait five minutes or attend this class. Using heliocentric astrology you'll learn both long and short range forecasting techniques for weather patterns. Included are case histories, predictions made and guides for using weather oriented astrology.

080  Love, Lust and Addiction - Gloria Star 1 Tape for $10
Relationships, their rewards and perplexities, weave texture into fabric of life. Sometimes, determining the nature of a relationship is complex. First, we must begin with the dynamics of the individual, then set forth on the task of understanding the relationship itself. Is it love, lust, or addiction? Astrology helps unravel the mystery.

081  Trading With Eclipses - Tim Bost  1 Tape for $10
Traders and speculators can gain much by paying attention to eclipses, both as a tool for market forecasting and as a timing factor for greater effectiveness in the markets. This workshop offers specific guidelines for financial astrologers to use in formulating their own market forecasts and in advising clients who are active traders.

082  Career Counseling for Businesses and Their Employees - Joyce Hoen  1 Tape for $10
Joyce will discuss her astrological work with employees and companies in a changing world: it is obvious that the Pluto in Virgo generation is creating a new way of approaching work, geared both to individual growth as well as more holistic circumstances in the working environment itself. She will discuss some ways in which she works with employees, based on the composite between the employee and the company, and the astrological lifecycles of the birthchart of the individual

083  Accident Research - Zip Dobyns  1 Tape for $10
The Ph.D. dissertation of Sara Klein Ridgley found extraordinary significance in a study of over 1,000 work-related accidents. The transiting Sun on the date of the accident was significantly often conjunct, square, or opposite the natal Sun. However, when we replicated the study with over 2400 subjects in Sweden, we got different results. Psychological principles are expressed in different ways in different cultures!

084  Secondary, Tertiary, & Minor Progressed Client Counseling - Robert Blaschke 1 Tape for $10
A look at which progressed techniques have been most beneficial for my clientele, including medical diagnosis using secondaries, life-cycle analysis using tertiaries and minors, vocational guidance using the progressed MC, and evaluating the client's changing personal perceptions through the progressed Ascendant's current decanate, dwad, and esoteric degree analysis.

085  Retrograde Planets - Joanne Wickenburg  1 Tape for $10
Discover and appreciate the strength of your retrograde planets. These dynamic planets, which are closer to the earth when direct, work powerfully in your life, both by natal placement and in transit.

086  The Personal Sensitive Points of Astrology - Michael Munkasey  1 Tape for $10
These include the Ascendant, the MC, the Equatorial Ascendant, the Vertex, the Co-Ascendant, the Polar Ascendant, the Aries Point, and the Moon's Node. These points have been known for hundreds of years, but it is only recently that user interest in them has increased. Michael will describe what they are, how to use them, how to calculate them, why they are important and how to delineate them in a chart.

087  Develop Your Own Consulting Style - Monica Dimino  1 Tape for $10
A variety of consulting styles will be explored. The emphasis is on finding your own best way to communicate astrological information to a client. Each astrologer is different. We can be more effective when we interpret charts in a manner that suits that inner individuality.

088 Astrology, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening - Greg Bogart  1 Tape for $10
This workshop explores how meditation and a quiet mind enhance our capacity to unfold the deepest potentials of every planetary transit and progression. Wešll discuss how astrology instills in us qualities of spiritual maturity, such as discernment, humor, steadiness in times of suffering, and expanded capacity to love.

089  The Capricorn Ingress As A Mundane Forecasting Tool - Arlene Kramer 1 Tape for $10
The techniques for use of the Capricorn Ingress will be discussed and shown. Capricorn Ingress charts provide useful information for international, national, and personal event forecasts. While the Capricorn Ingress lends itself to Classical Astrology interpretation, its use is further enhanced by the application of the 90 degree dial, Uranian Astrology, the Graphic Ephemeris, and Astrology mapping software. All of these will be employed in the discussion of the next Capricorn Ingress and the demonstration of forecasting for 2001.

090  Vedic Synastry: An East/West Approach to Relationship Compatibility - Dennis Harness  1 Tape for $10
An exploration of Western and Eastern (Vedic) astrological techniques for analyzing the alchemy of relationships. Dr. Harness will emphasize the importance of Moon compatibility as reveled through the Kuta Point System of India. The importance of choosing an auspicious wedding date or muhurtha will be discussed.

091  Planetary Stock Trading - Bill Meridian  1 Tape for $10  
Select individual stocks through their horoscope of first trade.

092  Financial Patterns in the Natal Horoscope - Lois Rodden  1 Tape for $10
Horoscope houses can be read on many levels. In this talk, we'll look at the everyday financial zones in the individual chart. Within the circumstances of our everyday mundane lives we can trace our financial plus and minus patterns to see our daily budget at work.

093  Introduction to Statistical Techniques for Astrological Research - Mark Urban-Lurain  1 Tape for $10
"Is there really a difference between these groups of charts?" The answer to this question is not as simple as may seem. I will introduce some basic statistical concepts and terminology and discuss various statistical techniques that are appropriate for astrological research. No previous knowledge of statistics is necessary (honest!)

094  The Quindecile - Exploring the 165 Degree Aspect - Ricki Reeves  1 Tape for $10
Explore the use of the 165 degree aspect, "The Quindecile", as a method of identifying obsessive/compulsive tendencies within the natal chart. Times of activation through progressions, transits, and synastry are illustrated. Learn how to work with clients in directing/redirecting these energies and turn this prospective liability into an asset.

095  Declinations - Bette Delinger  1 Tape for $10
Declinations are important factors in chart analysis, but often overlooked. We will examine the astronomical basis of declinations, utilizie antiscia and delve into the use of declinations in chart interpretations.

096  Rectification - Chris McRae  1 Tape for $10
Rectification is much easier when an approximate birth time is known but it can be done when no known time is available. Several different approaches will be outlined to make the work easier.

097  The Ethical Dimension of Astrological Prediction - Richard Tarnas  1 Tape for $10
This lecture will address the liberating potential, constraints, and pitfalls that accompany astrological knowledge; the special responsibility borne by astrologers, especially those who counsel others; the limits of astrological prediction and the indeterminacy of archetypal causation; fate and free will; astrology's shadow side as well as potential for supporting moral development.

098  The Agony and the Ecstasy: Mars, Saturn, and Outer Planets - Gloria Star 1 Tape for $10
A deeper understanding of these planetary energies, singularly and in aspect to one another, gives insights into the individual's psychological and spiritual needs. Special focus is given to methods for releasing blockages that present as anger, guilt, deception and resentment.

099  Politicians and Values in 21st Century - Roy Gillett  1 Tape for $10  
As at the time of the 15th century renaissance, the 21st century is the seeding point of a dimensional raising of consciousness - this time the mastery of the fourth dimension. Roy will consider the Great Year Cycle, the outer planetary transits and individual horoscopes to show astrology's vital role in our understanding of 21st century society; its people, politicians and values - including a British astrologer's perspective of the Presidential Election.

100  Patterns of Compatibility and Conflict - Dorothy Oja  1 Tape for $10
The twelve most repeated aspects found in relationship analysis. These aspects indicate passion or competition, affection or incompatibility and indicate endurance or insurmountable conflict. Most couples in strong relationship have at least four or five out of the twelve. These are certainly not all the aspects possible between people but they are a series of consistent ones.

101  Combining Natal Analysis with Harmonics for Stock Trading - Jeanne Long  1 Tape for $10
This session will focus on the first part of the "Precise Planetary Timing For Stock Trading" system, which involves the analysis of the natal charts in our database of stocks to find those with potential. Once we have found our list of stocks to watch, we move on to harmonic price analysis to correctly time our entries into positions, and to weed out those stocks which are not responding to the natal energy. This analysis is what alerts us to the "hot stocks" at any given time.

102  Timing: Key to Success - Making and Breaking Companies - Laura Des Jardins  1 Tape for $10
Laura will discuss how timing can make or break your business and how to use key transits and progressions to your advantage when making key business decisions.

103  The Nuts and Bolts of Using Software to do Astrology Research - Mark McDonough  1 Tape for $10
Participants will leave with a step-by-step guide for doing astrology research. We won't gloss over the details. We will cover them all here so you won't get stuck when you "try this at home."

104  Rapid Fire Sports Astrology: The NFL and NBA Drafts - Matt Carnicelli  1 Tape for $10
The NFL and NBA "drafts" mark significant moments in the lives of approximately 300 athletes each year -- moments that are almost entirely spontaneous, and can be precisely timed. What do these charts tell us about the prospects for their professional careers? Quite a bit. A professional astrologer and would-be player personnel director shares details of his studies.

105  Teaching Astrology to Beginners - Kim Rogers Gallagher  1 Tape for $10
The steps to making astrology clear, easy, and enjoyable for the new student by using a sensible plan that will encourage enthusiasm and foster future growth.

106  Saturn Transits Through the Houses - Joyce Hoen  1 Tape for $10
By understanding Saturn transits through the quadrants as phases in an entire cycle it becomes possible to counsel people meaningfully and helpfully by looking at the Saturn transit through a house alone almost. The insights given in this class will amaze you for their accuracy. They are partly adapted from Merriman's "Evolutionary Astrology" and brought to a very concrete method of quickly yet succinctly assessing the needs of your clients (and maybe yourself) at specific keypoints in life.

107  The Magic of Horoscope Interpretation - Michael Lutin   1 Tape for $10  
All the underlying forces, tricks and secret recipes vital in an effective and transformational reading of an astrological chart.

108  Mercury: Guardian-Trickster - Darby Costello   1 Tape for $10
Mercury is our information-gathering service and the key to our ability to adapt to new situations as they arise. Yet we are also tricked by the information we receive, Is there any way to find certainty through understanding our charts? This talk will discuss Mercury's part in our astrological work.

109  Yearly National Forecasts - Roxana Muise   1 Tape for $10
The chart of a country or it's ruler overlaid on the dynamic graphic ephemeris for the current year can reveal the hot spots during the year when changes are likely to occur. Add to this a simple synastry between countries, and clues to the dynamics of the year become visible.

110  Relationship Analysis - How Do I Love Thee? - Cynthia Withers   1 Tape for $10
Skills needed to survive in relationships are there in each individual's natal chart. What you need and what you project may be two different things. Learn who you are first, and what you need to do before you jump into that major relationship that's right around the corner. The tools of synastry give you the power to handle the challenges, recognize the right person, and enjoy of the love of your life.

111  Integrating Fibonacci, Gann, Planetary Geometry in Market Analysis - Stan Harley   1 Tape for $10
Stan will discuss the fibonacci numbers and their usage in the financial markets. Next, he will discuss how to determine price resistance/support parameters using Gann Angles and Price Octaves. He will then show the integration of planetary positioning to predict positioning to predict reversal points in the stock market.

112  Quick Practical Astrology for Business - Maria Kay Simms   1 Tape for $10
You're an expert astrologer---or you've got a great astrologer on call. But what if opportunity or decisions just won't wait for thorough analysis? Let's identify easy tips and techniques you can use yourself--and teach your clients. The K.I.S.S. method often works best, anyway!

113  Planet Patterns in UFO Sightings: A Research Study of Over 200 Cases - Ann Parker   1 Tape for $10
There are key planetary patterns and astrological techniques supporting the existence of UFOs. These patterns and the physical evidence revealed in 18 key UFO sightings - including Roswell -- will be explored in detail. These cases are based on the reports of astronauts, civilian and military pilots, police, and simultaneous visual/radar contacts.

114  Between Fear and Hope: How to Analyze & Convey Future Trends - Claude Weiss   1 Tape for $10
In this lecture future trends are analyzed using planetary cycles, eclipses and charts of nations and their leaders. Possible scenarios for different nations are also derived from the studies of past events, which show likely next steps in development-psychologically, sociologically and historically. Good and bad examples of dealing with future trends without instilling fear are discussed.

115  Who Will Be the Next USA President? - Moderator: Ray Merriman   1 Tape for $10
Panelists: Maria Kay Simms, Monica Dimino, Arlene Kramer, Roxana Muise, Zip Dobyns, Maureen Ambrose, Michael Munkasey, Roy Gillett

124  Closing Ceremony  1 Tape for $10


116  Outer Planet Transits - Kim Rogers-Gallagher   3 Tapes for $27

117  Using Astrology to Time Reversals in Financial Markets. - Raymond Merriman   3 Tapes for $27
Using Geocosmic Signatures To Forecast Trends and Reversals in Financial Markets: Analysis of the cyclical basis for analyzing financial markets and the chart patterns that tend to form within any given market cycle. Time bands for cyclic troughs and crests are then narrowed down using certain geocosmic principles, and in particular the "cluster" technique for major market reversals developed by Merriman. Illustrations using current stock, precious metals, and interest-rate sensitive markets are used to drive home the understanding of these methods, as well as to forecast the future direction of these same markets.

118  Introduction to Traditional Western Natal Chart Analysis - Robert Hand   2 Tapes for $20
Over the past several years many techniques have been reintroduced into modern Western astrology that were once central to good astrological technique. These include Almutens, Hylegs, Reception, Triplicity Rulers, Parts and many other techniques. The problem has been how to integrate these into a coherent approach to the natal chart. This workshop will deal with that issue presenting these and other techniques in a practical context, demonstrating exactly how these method are being used at the present time to gain a depth of insight that has been impossible with the more restricted methods of modern astrology. The participants will have hands-on experience with the charts of famous people and of some of the participants themselves.

119  The 8th House: Doorway to Problem Solving - Joyce Hoen   2 Tapes for $20
Joyce will give you an amazing insight into how to quickly and accurately focus on where the basic mysteries as well as problems lie in a chart. The workshop will teach you so you will never have to hesitate again in your advice to clients. During the morning session she will provide the rationale for this approach showing many easy to follow example charts. Application is geared to both standard counseling and medical astrology. The afternoon session will discuss your own charts, so bring them along, preferably in Koch mode. If time allows, the workshop will also discuss the Saturn-factor in problem solving.

120  The Cleansing Power of Astrology in History, Society, and our Lives - Roy Gillett   3 Tapes for $27
Part 1-The Astrology of History and Cultural Exchange
: A study of the Great Year and outer planetary transits to show how understanding the astro cycles gives a deeper, culture free and more reliable view of history. After an overview of the longer spans of time, we will start from Neptune/ Pluto conjunction and then focus on the main strands of the history of the 20th century, showing how these reveal the unraveling of the social and ethical realities of five hundred years of western colonization and a preparation for the 21st century.
Part 2-Now and Next: In-depth study' of the effects of the build up from the Saturn/Jupiter opposition 1989/91, Grand Cross of 1999 and Taurus and Cancer stellia of 2000. We will then take stock of social progress in the months since then, until the time of the workshop, look at the vital year 2001, ahead to 2013 and maybe beyond. The lifestyles, ethical and religious implications of the new energy will then be discussed. Throughout this session the charts of significant "people of the time" will be considered and astro based methods of judging their achievements outlined.

121  Love & Sexuality in Modern Times: Embracing the Great Goddess - Verena Bachmann   3 Tapes for $27
In these days we are asked to take a new look at our relationship patterns and our beliefs on sexuality. Many old biases and concepts do not work in our modern times for they keep us from being who we really are in our relationships. Living our true individuality AND relating to others is the challenge. We will look at the language of the chart to explore how to bring our individual potential into love and sexuality. Through this we can discover exciting new ways of relating by including the flow of energies in the Law of Cycles and the Law of Polarities.

122  Pluto in Sagittarius: The Moral Demands of Its Transits - Darby Costello   3 Tapes for $27
When Pluto in Sagittarius aspects planets in a natal chart, the pressure expresses itself as a moral or ethical dilemma. This workshop will bring to light the moral questions that arise according to the natal planets involved, and will offer clues for navigating these transits.