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Sponsored by Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona
July 28 - August 1, 1999  *  Flagstaff, Arizona




#001  2 Tapes - $17
"Quantum Information Technology"
Chair: Scott Hagan
Quentin Turchette, Physics/Quantum computation, NIST, Boulder, USA
 'Experiments in quantum state engineering and decoherence'
Gregg Jaeger, Quantum optics/quantum information, Boston University, Starlab
 'Brain function, modified quantum dynamics and the Ito formalism'
Paul Werbos,  Neuroengineering, National Science Foundation
 'Consciousness and quantum foundations: where are we now?'
#002  1 Tape - $10
Panel: "Are Quantum Approaches Necessary to Explain Consciousness?"
Chair: Nicole Tedesco, Software engineer, consultant, Quantum-Mind moderator
Panelists: David Chalmers, Stuart Hameroff, Stanley Klein, Henry Stapp
#003  1 Tape - $10
"Time and Conscious Experience - I"
Chair: Michael Conrad
Benjamin Libet, Physiology, University of California, San Francisco, USA
 'Delay in awareness and subjective antedating of sensory experience in the mind-brain relationship'
Stanley Klein, Vision Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA
 'Relevance of quantum mechanics to time anomalies and volition'
#004  1 Tape - $10
"Time and Conscious Experience - II"
Chair: Michael Conrad
Dean Radin, Interval Corp, USA, & Dick Bierman, Univ Amsterdam/Utrecht,
 'Retrocausal effects in experimental psychology'
Fred Alan Wolf, Have Brains, Will Travel, San Francisco, USA
 'The timing of conscious experience: Are pairs of physical events required for single conscious events?'
#005  2 Tapes - $17
"Ontology/Philosophy/Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - I"
Chair: Gordon Globus
David Chalmers, Philosophy, University of Arizona
 'Consciousness and the interpretation of quantum mechanics'
Paavo Pylkkanen, Consciousness Studies Programme, University of Skovde, Sweden
 'The relevance of quantum theory to mind and of mind to quantum theory'
Henry Stapp, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, UC Berkeley
 'How thought can influence action'
#006  1 Tape - $10
"Ontology/Philosophy/Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - II"
Chair: Bruce Rosenblum
Brian Josephson, Physics, Cambridge Univ, UK
 'Mind, self-organisation and quantum physics'
Gordon Globus, Psychiatry & Philosophy, University of California, Irvine, USA
 'The now-presencing of world: A quantum brain dynamics interpretation'
#007  1 Tape - $10
"Biological Quantum Models - I (Tunneling)"
Chair: Stuart Hameroff
Frederich Beck, Physics, Darmstadt Univ Tech, Germany
 Electron tunneling as trigger for conformal changes in cerebral microsites
Evan Harris Walker, Physics, Walker Institute of Cancer Research
 Quantum physics of consciousness, the logic and the numbers
#008  1 Tape - $10
"Biological quantum models II - (Quantum Field Theory)"
Chair: Stuart Hameroff
Mari Jibu, Biophysics, Okayama Univ, Japan
 'Emergence of a parasite brain'
Kunio Yasue, Physics, Okayama Univ, Japan
 'Quantum mind: Never mind'
#009  2 Tapes - $17
"Biological Quantum Models - III (Proteins)"
Chair: Mari Jibu
Michael Conrad, Computer Science, Wayne State Univ, USA
 'Quantum speedup principle'
Masayuki Hirafuji, Computational Biology, Natl Agriculture Research Center, Tsukuba, Japan
 'Self-organization and function of global optimization caused by quantum effects in biological complex systems'
Uzi Awret, Biophysics, Washington, USA
 'The Davidov Soliton and the principle of organizational invariance'
#010  1 Tape - $10
"Biological Quantum Models - IV (The Quantum Edge in Biological Systems)"
Chair: Mari Jibu
Scott Hagan, Physics, Natl Agriculture Research, Tsukuba, Japan
 'Quantum emergence'
Stuart Hameroff, Anesthesiology and Psychology, University of Arizona, USA
 'Quantum vitalism - Are consciousness and the "living state" fundamental quantum processes?'
#011  1 Tape - $10
"Biological Quantum Models - V (Genetics and Evolution)"
Chair: Stephen Gamboa-Eastman
Vasily Ogryzko, National Institutes of Health, Washington, USA
 'A quantum-theoretical approach to the phenomenon of directed mutations in bacteria'
Donald Mender, Psychiatry, New York, USA
 'Wave genetics and the biology of culture'
#012  1 Tape - $10
Panel: "Quantum Linguistics Roundtable Discussion"
Chair: Dan Moonhawk Alford, Linguistics, Cal State Hayward
Panelists: Steven Gamboa-Eastman, John Erskine, C. A. Hilgartner, Brian Josephson, Sarah Voss, Fred Alan Wolf
#013  1 Tape - $10
Panel: "Testable Predictions of Quantum Approaches to Consciousness"
Chair: Scott Hagan, Physics, Natl Agriculture Research, Tsukuba, Japan
Panelists: Evan Harris Walker, Paul Werbos
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