Sponsored by the Consciousness Studies Program at the University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona  *  April 27 - May 2, 1998




001 The Self -   Chair: Shaun Gallagher   2  $18.00
G. Strawson, The self
M.S. Gazzaniga, The mind's past;
J. Shear, Experiential clarification of `The problem of self' 

002 Implicit Processes - - Chair: Kenneth Forster   1  $10.00
A. Greenwald, Simple mental feats that require conscious cognition (because unconscious cognition can't do them).
P. Merikle, M. Daneman, Is there memory for events during anesthesia?

003 Pathways of Visual Consciousness -  Chair: Christof Koch   2  $18.00
D. Milner, Unconscious visual processing for action: neuropsychological evidence. 
M. Goodale, Unconscious visual processing for action: evidence from normal observers.
M. Mishkin, On the neural basis of visual awareness.

004 Sleep and Dreaming - Chair: Bernard Baars   2  $18.00
B. McNaughton, Neural ensembles in sleep and waking and the reprocessing of recent experience.
J.A. Hobson, D. Kahn, E. Pace-Schott, Neuropsychology of dreaming consciousness.
S. LaBerge, Lucid dreaming: psychophysiological studies of consciousness during REM sleep.

005 Integrative Perspectives - Chair: Lynn Nadel  1   $10.00
C. Koch, Visual awareness and the frontal lobes.
V. Gallese, Mirror neurons: from grasping to language.

006 Color and Consciousness - Chair: David Chalmers  2  $18.00
S.E. Palmer, Color, consciousness, and the isomorphism constraint.
L. Hardin, Color quality and color structure.
M. Nida-Rumelin, Pseudo-normal vision and color qualia.

007 Transpersonal Psychology - Chair: Charles Tart  2  $18.00
F. Vaughan, Essential dimensions of consciousness: Objective, subjective and intersubjective.
H. Hunt, Transpersonal and cognitive psychologies of consciousness: a necessary and reciprocal dialogue.
Schlitz, Distant intentionality and healing: Exploring the transpersonal dimensions of consciousness.

008 Emotional Experience and the Brain - Chair: Douglas Watt  1  $10.00
A.W. Kaszniak, S.L. Reminger, S.Z. Rapcsak, E.L. Glisky, Conscious experience and autonomic response to emotional stimuli following frontal lobe damage.
R.D. Lane, E.M. Reiman, G.E. Schwartz, G.R. Fink, P.M.L. Chua, R.J. Dolon, Subregions within the anterior cingulate cortex may differentially participate in conscious awareness of emotion.

009 EvoEvolution and the Function of Consciousness Iution and the Function of Consciousness I - Chair: Tyler Volk  2  $18.00
S. Mithen, Handaxes : some hard evidence regarding the evolution of the mind and consciousness.
W. Calvin, A Darwinian mechanism on the timescale of thought and action.
A.G. Cairns-Smith, If qualia evolved . . .

010 Evolution and the Function of Consciousness II - Chair: Antti Revonsuo 1  $10.00
R.L. Gregory, What do qualia do?
Humphrey, The privatization of sensation.

011 The Explanatory Gap - Chair: David Chalmers   2  $18.00
J. Levine, Conceivability, possibility, and the explanatory gap.
C. McGinn, How not to solve the Mind-Body Problem. 
G. Rosenberg, On the intrinsic nature of the physical.

012 Culture and Consciousness - Chair: John Searle  2  $18.00
A. Zajonc, Goethe and the science of consciousness: toward a scientist's phenomenology of mind.
C. Laughlin, Biogenetic structural theory and the neurophenomenology of consciousness.
M. Winkelman, The fundamental properties of systems with consciousness.

013 Blindsight - Chair: David Milner 1   $10.00
P. Stoerig, A. Cowey, R. Goebel, Blindsight and its neuronal basis.
R.W. Kentridge, C.A. Heywood, L. Weiskrantz, Attentional cueing in blindsight.

014 Space, Time and Consciousness - Chair: Paul Davies  2  $18.00
P. Hut, Exploring actuality, through experiment and experience.
K. Yasue, Physics approaches to consciousness.
B.J. Hiley, Quantum theory, the implicate order and the mind/matter relationship

015 Neural Correlates of Consciousness - Chair: Karl Pribram  2  $18.00
B.J. Baars, Is a real psychoscope possible? Inferring when brain images involve conscious experiences. 
A. Revonsuo, How to take consciousness seriously in cognitive neuroscience.
J.B. Newman, Beyond pandemonium: the role of the reticular core in unifying the stream of consciousness.

016 Aesthetics and Consciousness -  Chair: Alfred Kaszniak  2  $18.00
C.W. Tyler, The structure of interpersonal consciousness in art.
T. Grodal, Aesthetic feelings of subjectivity in film as blocked action potentials.
A. Bergesen, Artistic consciousness: the art faculty of mind.


017 Qualia - Chair: Martine Nida-Rumelin   2  $18.00
D. Pitt, The phenomenology of cognition. Or: What is it like to think that p?
L. Stubenberg, The old vs. the new qualia.
N. Newton, Why we can't describe conscious experience.
W.S. Robinson, Qualia realism and neural activation patterns.
Z. Jakab, Ineffability of qualia, representational atomicity and intermodal transfer.

018 Neural Correlates of Consciousness - Chair: James Newman  2  $18.00
F.X. Vollenweider, A. Gamma, A. Dittrich, PET studies into altered states of consciousness and patterns of metabolic brain activity.
G. Rode, Y. Rossetti, A. Farne, M-T Perenin, D. Boisson, Anosognosia for left hemiplegia, hemianopsia, hemianesthesia and hemineglect.
P.J. Snow, D.C. Trussell, Higher consciousness - the domains of the human psyche.
Y. Tamori and K. Mogi, Construction of the manifold of qualia from neural activities.

019 Implicit Cognition - Chair: Philip Merikle  2  $18.00
Apetroaia, D. Manier, W. Hirst, Context effects: towards an understanding of the way in which implicit learning affects explicit remembering.
M.C. Price, Responding directly to nonconscious visually-masked stimuli.
R. Sun, Modeling the roles of implicit and explicit learning in consciousness.
Y. Rossetti, L. Pisella, Temporal asynchrony between sensory and between motor components of a visuo-motor response.
Speck, G.B. Does classical conditioning imply animal consciousness?

020 Time - Chair: Piet Hut   2   $18.00
C.T. Vehse, Religious practice and consciousness: time from the 19th century.
F.A. Wolf, The timing of conscious experience: A causality-violating…interpretation of subjective antedating and spatial-temporal projection.
J.A. Trevena, Readiness potentials and conscious decisions preceding a voluntary movement.
R. Cook, Consciousness and the language-time nexus.
S.A. Helekar, J-B Le Pichon, Experimental predictions based on the statistical and temporal aspects of a hypothetical neural mechanism for subjectivity.

021 Psychoneural Isomorphism - Chair: Alva NoŽ  2  $18.00
S. Gallagher, Isomorphism and explanation in cognitive science.
D.Y. Teller, Linking propositions in visual science.
A. NoŽ, On the possibility of representing what one sees.
E. Thompson, The perception of space: Lived experience and cognitive science.

022 Crosscultural Perspectives - Chair: Michael Winkelman  2  $18.00
B.A. Wallace, Training attention and exploring consciousness in Tibetan Buddhism.
D. Deslauriers, Inquiry within traditional knowledge, an epistemological perspective.
N. Maryboy, D. Begay, Consciousness in Navajo cosmology.
R.A. Haag, Consciousness and sufism: A new paradigm for western scientists.
T. Volk, Borders within the mind.

023 Materialism and Dualism - Chair: William Robinson  2  $18.00
K. Balog, The new conceivability arguments: Revenge of the zombies.
R. Van Gulick, Reduction, supervenience and phenomenal consciousness.
M. Silberstein, Emergence, explanation and the hard problem of consciousness.
T.C. Hughes, Phenomenal know-how.
S. Torrance, Reconstruing experiential concepts: How to solve the hard problem.

024 The Function of Consciousness - Chair: Antti Revonsuo  2  $18.00
B. Mangan, Consciousness, biological systems, and the fallacy of functional exclusion.
S. Iwasaki, A functional role of conscious representation.
J.M. Schwartz, PET imaging of systematic cerebral changes after psychological treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder: A causal role for consciousness in the brain?
T. Payne, The effects of olfactory imaging on odor recognition.
J.S. Jordan, Consciousness as the autocatalytic control of thermodynamic aboutness.

025 Attention and Vision - Chair: Mary Peterson  2  $18.00
J. Bickle, M. Bernstein, M. Heatley, G. Boyd, C. Worley, Modeling stimulus-driven selective visual attention.
K.R. Abdulrazak, Neural basis of selective auditory attention in a gleaning bat, Antrozou Pallidus.
T. Bachmann, Accelerative spatiotemporal distortion of motion of an aperture line in visual awareness.
L. Lou, Selective peripheral fading: A deleterious effect of sustained visual attention.
F.H. Durgin, Supporting the "grand illusion" of direct perception: implicit learning in eye-movement control.

026 Quantum Biology and Consciousness - Chair: Stuart Hameroff  2  $18.00
G. Rein, The topology of consciousness.
S. Hagan, M. Hirafuji, Locating the interface in a mixed quantum/classical model of brain function.
S.A. Klein, The relevance of quantum mechanics to consciousness.
U. Awret, The little engine that could, quantum mechanics, molecular biology and thermal noise.
W. Lenzen, Why microtubules cannot matter for phenomenal consciousness.

027 Parapsychology - Chair: Marilyn Schlitz  2  $18.00
D.J. Bierman, D.I. Radin, Non conscious processes and intuition: Is there an anomalous component?
G.E.R. Schwartz, L.G.S. Russek, Z-S She, L.Z.Y.X. Song, Y. Xin, Anomalous organization of random events during an international Qigong meeting.
K. Giuffre, Supraspatial reality with entangled particles: Quantum evidence for the possibility of extracerebral information transmission?
N.S. Don, C.A. Warren, B.E. McDounough, "40 Hz" brain activity, consciousness, and psi.
R. Targ, Remote viewing at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s.

028 Consciousness and Literature - Chair: Roger Dahood  1  $10.00
G. Hamilton, Consciousness and the creation of the self as poetic narrative. An examination of Wordsworth's"The Prelude"
as a text of romantic psychology.
J.L. Diaz, A narratological method to study and model streams of consciousness from phenomenological texts.
J.T. Stevens, A house divided can not-stand: William Faulkner and consciousness in a system of relation.
M. Skov, Reasoning in aesthetic experience: Cognitive structures in poetic language.
P. Menneteau, The notion of consciousness in William Blake's works.

029 Awareness, Attention and Memory During Sleep - Chair: Richard Bootzin 2  $18.00
R. Bootzin, Consciousness and sleep: awareness, attention and memory during sleep.
D.H. Loewy, R.R. Bootzin, Event-related potential measures of information processing in insomniacs at bedtime and during sleep.
J. Harsh, J. Peszka, Event-related potentials and cognitive processing during the sleep onset period.
J. Wyatt, R. Bootzin, J.B.J. Allen, J.L. Anthony, M.E. Jewett, D-J. Dijk, Neurobehavioral functioning during the transitions from wake to sleep and sleep to wake.

K. Campbell, D. de Lugt, K. Coti, Event-related potentials as probes of consciousness during sleep.
T. Murphy, R. Ogilvie, EEG correlates of changes of consciousness during the sleep onset period.

030 The Concept of Consciousness - Chair: Leopold Stubenberg  2  $18.00
C. Siewert, Blindsight as a guide to consciousness.
A. Bailey, William James, chaos theory and consciousness.
N.J.T. Thomas, Imagination, eliminativism, and the pre-history of consciousness.
R. McBride, Can the state-conscious/creature-conscious/transitive-conscious distinction help unravel the nature of consciousness? 
G. Gomes, Consciousness as higher-order representation.

033 Evolution of Consciousness - Chair: Nicholas Humphrey  2  $18.00
S. Hameroff, Did consciousness cause the Cambrian evolutionary explosion?
J. Pickering, On the semiotic ecology of selfhood.
J.H. Collins, Art, mythic image, and holistic consciousness in the paleolithic world.
P. Slurink, Innate structures of experience: Consciousness and the sediments of a history of choice.
S. Krippner, Shamanic consciousness as technology and epistemology.

034 Altered States of Consciousness - Chair: Charles Tart  2  $18.00
C.N. Alexander, Understanding higher states of consciousness: Theory and research.
D.A. Hocker, R.W. Hood, Pure consciousness and the creation of experience.
F.H. Atwater, Inducing propitious altered states of consciousness via cortico-thalamic adaptation.
H.R. Wasserman, Altered states of consciousness in psychotherapy.
Nagel, Are state-specific sciences of advanced meditative states possible?

035 1st-, 2nd- & Third-Person Perspectives - Chair: Jonathan Shear  2  $18.00
C. de Quincey, Intersubjectivity: exploring consciousness from the second-person perspective.
I. West, The anomaly: a moment in the story of consciousness.
P. Mutalik, Mental tagging and phenomenal consciousness.
S. O'Nuallain, Inner versus outer empiricism in consciousness research.
W. Wilkerson, Functionalist consciousness from the first person.

036 Influences from Outside Conscious Awareness - Chair: Jeffrey Greenberg  2  $18.00
S. Solomon, Classical and contemporary conceptions of the unconscious & psychological defense.
M. Baldwin, Relational schemas and the interpersonal nature of self-experience.
J. Greenberg, Exploring the defenses aroused by conscious and unconscious concerns about death.
T. Pyszczynski, A dual process theory of psychological defense: implications for understanding the nature of what is conscious and what is not.

037 Unity of Consciousness and the Self - Chair: Guven Guzeldere  2  $18.00
D. Forest, Human split brain and the unity of consciousness: A matter of content or a question of relevance?
A. Brook, Unity of consciousness and other mental unities.
G.A. Mashour, Philosophic and neuroscientific aspects of the cognitive binding problem.
J. Quitterer, Can a model simulate the self?
T.S. Roberts, Beyond the hard problem.

038 Ethics and Values - Chair: Anthony Freeman  2  $18.00
D. Salt, What religious fundamentalists and strong AI fundamentalists have in common.
M. Kliegel, How important is an appropriate anthropological foundation of an ethic of human brain research?
M. Perlman, Psychological egoism and the legitimacy of reinterpreting first-person reports of mental state content.
R.H. Bradshaw, The application of the precautionary principle to consciousness studies in non-human animals.
A.J. Freeman, Good old fashioned sin: a neglected area of consciousness studies.

039 Sleep and Dreaming - Chair: Stephen LaBerge  2  $18.00
A. Combs, D. Kahn, S. Krippner, The dreaming brain as a self-organizing system. 853
J. Gackenback, Consciousness and the Central Alberta Cree: Observations on the importance of dream states
L. Mason, C.N. Alexander, F.T. Travis, G. Marsh, D.W. Orme-Johnson, , J. Gackenbach, Electrophysiological correlates of higher states of consciousness during sleep.
T.L. Hubbard, E.M. Reiman, R.R. Bootzin, D. Bandy, L.S. Yun, T. Muntlinger, Brain regions preferentially affected during different stages of sleep and wakefulness: A PET study.
T.L. Kahan, S. LaBerge, Consciousness, dreaming and waking, II: Phenomenological comparisons.

040 Consciousness and Physical Reality - Chair: Paavo Pylkkanen 2  $18.00
G. Strawson, Realistic monism.
S. Hameroff, Pan-experientialism and physical reality.
M. Hirafuji, S. Hagan, An universal model for evolution of consciousness in quantum and macroscopic hierarchical systems.
S. Malin, What does quantum mechanics imply about the nature of the universe?
J. Sarfatti, Progress in the post-quantum physics of consciousness.

041 Emotion and Volition - Chair: Lis Nielsen   2  $18.00
C. Taddei-Ferretti, C. Musio, S. Santillo, R.F. Colucci, A. Cotugno, A quantitative approach to the problem of will.
D.F. Watt, Affect and the 'hard problem': neurodevelopmental and corticolimbic network issues: Implications for ERTAS theories of consciousness.
J. Panksepp, Affective consciousness and the neural origins of the self: The case of animal laughter.
P. Goddard, G. Hamilton, Conscious control of perceptual reversals: Eye movements or volition?
R. Ellis, Why isn't consciousness empirically observable? Emotional purposes as basis for self-organization.

042 Art, Music and Consciousness - Chair: Jim Laukes  2  $18.00
D. Meyer-Dinkgrafe, Effecting change of consciousness through theatre.
F. Bogzaran, Exploring consciousness through art of the mind.
H. Sills, Mozart, Stravinsky and space-time mental imaging.
R. Ascott, Art, technology and the matter of consciousness.


043 Health, Healing and Consciousness - W. Kohatsu, K. Koffler, R. Lee  2  $18.00

044 Observing the Mind: Basic Training in Skilled Means - Charles L. Tart  5  $36.00

045 Dream Interpretation: An Inner Journey - David Roomy   1  $10.00

046 Global Workspace Model of Consciousness - Bernard J. Baars and Katharine McGovern  3  $25.00

048 Quantum Theory, Reality and Consciousness - Paavo Pylkkšnen  2  $18.00

049 Sports As a Project of Transcendence - Rhea A. White and Suzanne V. Brown  3  $25.00

050 Consciousness and the Binding Problem - Antti Revonsuo   3  $25.00

051 Exploring Consciousness with Lucid Dreaming - Stephen LaBerge  3  $25.00

052 The Mammalian Visual System - Christof Koch  3   $25.00


053 Consciousness Poetry Slam at the Club Congress  2  $15.00

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