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RTB11-666AGENTS' PANEL: MEET THE AGENTS - Laura Bradford, Jessica Faust, Diana Fox, Sarah Heller, Saritza Hernandez, et al.$8.00add to cart
RTB11-707Author Chat with Catherine Coulter, Cherry Adair and Gregg Hurwitz - Catherine Coulter, Cherry Adair and Gregg Hurwitz$8.00add to cart
RTB11-695Author Chat with Dean Koontz - Dean Koontz$8.00add to cart
RTB11-702BUSINESS: Book Doctors, Author Coaches, and Line Editors: Why We Need Them - Andrew Zack (Literary Agent)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-725BUSINESS: How To Make a Living Writing Novels - Stephanie Bond$8.00add to cart
RTB11-627BUSINESS: Plotting Your Career - Shannon K. Butcher, Kristin Painter, Elaine Spencer, Diedre Knight$8.00add to cart
RTB11-601BUSINESS: Stalking the Wild Agent - Elizabeth Hoyt$8.00add to cart
RTB11-648BUSINESS: Writing Across Multiple Genres, Formats and Publishing Models - Lauren Dane, Beth Kery, Megan Hart$8.00add to cart
RTB11-628CONTEMPORARY: Creating the Perfect Hero for Your Contemporary Romance - Barbara Freethy, Bella Andre, Jami Alden, Stephanie Bond$8.00add to cart
RTB11-673CONTEMPORARY: Staying True to Contemporary Romance - Barbara Freethy, Robyn Carr, Julie james, Rachael Herron, Christie Ridgway$8.00add to cart
RTB11-634CRAFT: Body and Soul: How to Write Emotionally Intense Love Scenes - Lauren Dane, HelenKay Dimon, Megan Hart, Beth Kery$8.00add to cart
RTB11-706CRAFT: Characters That Come to Life - Eileen Dryer, Cathy Maxwell, Patricia Rice$8.00add to cart
RTB11-715CRAFT: Conversation with Dean Koontz on the Art of Writing - Dean Koontz$8.00add to cart
RTB11-692CRAFT: Diffusing Suspense and Danger with Humor - Beth Ciotta, MaryJanice Davidson, Harley Jane Kozak, Judi McCoy, Amanda McIntyre$8.00add to cart
RTB11-718CRAFT: Mastering Sexual Tension - Nina Bruhns, Sylvia Day, Barry Eisler, Jeri Smith-Ready, Gennita Low$8.00add to cart
RTB11-645CRAFT: On the Cutting Room Floor: How to Revise Your Completed Novel - Juliet Blackwell, Rachel Herron, Sophie Littlefield$8.00add to cart
RTB11-611CRAFT: Self-Editing 101: Getting Ready for Your Close-Up - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom$8.00add to cart
RTB11-659CRAFT: Sense-Sational and Sexy - Katharine Ashe, Isabelle Drake$8.00add to cart
RTB11-626CRAFT: The Good, the Bad, and the Hunky Cowboy - C. H. Admirand, Lori Armstrong, Cindy Holby, Beth Williamson$8.00add to cart
RTB11-637CRAFT: The Long and Short of It: Novels vs. Novellas - Mari Carr, HelenKay Dimon, Kate Pearce$8.00add to cart
RTB11-623CRAFT: The Yin and Yang of Creating Great Characters within Great Plots - Joshua Corin, Kathleen O'Reilly, Stephen Jay Schwartz$8.00add to cart
RTB11-630Digital DIY: The Pros & Cons of Digital Self-Publishing - Lori Armstrong, Mark Coker, Sylvia Day, Delilah Delvin, Lindsay Faber$8.00add to cart
RTB11-713E-BOOK & E-MARKETING: Dare to Be Different — and Still Get Published - Bianca D'Arc, Nathalie Gray, Belinda McBride, Janet Miller$8.00add to cart
RTB11-701E-BOOK & E-MARKETING: From Digital to Print - Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Beth Williamson$8.00add to cart
RTB11-646E-BOOK BUSINESS: The Digital Age: A Mainstream Perspective - Julie Cummings, Sue Grimshaw, Angela James, Dianne Moggy, Dominique Raccah, Erika Tsang$8.00add to cart
RTB11-674E-BOOK: E-House Hunting - Laura Baumbach, Lindsey Faber, Treva Harte, Theresa Stevens$8.00add to cart
RTB11-619E-BOOK: Money Matters! 'Nuff Said - Jackie Barbosa,Tesa Dare, Lindsey Faber, Shelli Stevens$8.00add to cart
RTB11-679E-BOOK: The Seven Secrets to E-book Self-Publishing Success - Mark Coker (founder of Smashwords)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-651E-BOOK: Wooing the Masses - Eden Bradley, Mari Carr, Kristen Painter, Jayne Rylon$8.00add to cart
RTB11-663EDITOR'S PANEL: MEET THE EDITORS - Heather Bennett, Kelli Collins, Alicia Condon, Angelea James, Treva Harte, et al.$8.00add to cart
RTB11-687EROTICA: Erotica's New Dawn: Sex, Lies, and the Erotica Market - Sharon Page, Kelli Collins, Miriam Kriss, Cricket Starr$8.00add to cart
RTB11-604EROTICA: Teaching Harry How to Do Sally - Sharon Page, Lauren Dane, Kate Pearce, Kayla Perrin$8.00add to cart
RTB11-633FANTASY: How To Write and Sell Romantic Fantasy - Ann Aguire, Laura Anne Gilman, Karen Miller, Patrick Rothfuss, Kate Elliott$8.00add to cart
RTB11-726GRAPHIC NOVELS: Artists and Authors - Les Dabel, Gregg Hurwitz, Alisa Kwitney, Derek Ruiz, Anne Elizabeth$8.00add to cart
RTB11-689GRAPHIC NOVELS: How to Write a Graphic Novel - Anne Elizabeth, Les Dabel, Alisa Kwitney$8.00add to cart
RTB11-714GRAPHIC NOVELS: The Female Creators Workshop - Anne Elizabeth, Kelley Armstrong, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Mellisa de la Cruz, et al.$8.00add to cart
RTB11-660HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Good vs. Great: The Difference Between Selling & Slushing - Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-612HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Perfect Pitch - Alicia Condon, Miriam Kriss, Elaine Spencer, Susan Swinwood$8.00add to cart
RTB11-693HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Query Power - Jessica Faust and Kim Lionetti (Bookends Agents)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-719HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Sensational Synopsis - Jim McCarthy (agent, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-682HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Spin Class It's All in the Writing - Heather Graham$8.00add to cart
RTB11-635HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: The All-Powerful First Page - Kevan Lyon (Marsal Lyon Literary Agency)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-650HISTORICAL: Finding the Right Historical Setting for Your Book - Renee Bernard, Elizabeth hoyt, Judith James, Sabrina Jeffries, S. MacKenzie, Amanda McIntyre$8.00add to cart
RTB11-629HISTORICAL: Tackling Historic Realities in Today's Historicals - Renee Bernard, Victoria Alexander, Jullianne MacLean, Sophia Nash, Cheryl Holt$8.00add to cart
RTB11-686HOLLYWOOD: Scriptwriting From TV and Film Insiders - Sheryl J. Anderson, Robert Gregory Brown, Adena Halpern, Greg Hurwitz, et al.$8.00add to cart
RTB11-664HOLLYWOOD: Can My Book Be Adapted For Film/TV? - Lane Shefter Bishop$8.00add to cart
RTB11-699HOLLYWOOD: Film to Page: Screenwriting Techniques for Novels - Stephen Jay Schwartz, Alexandra Sokoloff$8.00add to cart
RTB11-605HOLLYWOOD: From Page to Screen : Script Consultants Give You the Goods - Merrel Davis, Melinda Snodgrass, Xandy Sussan, Vivi Anna$8.00add to cart
RTB11-669HOLLYWOOD: How to Tell a TV Story - Lee Goldberg (TV writer and author)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-661HOLLYWOOD: The Business of Hollywood - Vivi Anna, Lee Goldberg, Stephanie Bond, Zac Sanford, Jonathan Bogner$8.00add to cart
RTB11-652HOLLYWOOD: The Reel World: Printed Page to Silver Screen - Deidre Knight, Marley Gibson$8.00add to cart
RTB11-711HOLLYWOOD: TV Soaps: Secrets From the Inside - Jacklyn Zeman, Eileen Davidson, Sherri Anderson, Carolyn Hennesy$8.00add to cart
RTB11-618HOLLYWOOD: Uniting Story Structure , Character Arc and Love Stories - Michael Hauage$8.00add to cart
RTB11-721MARKETING: Champagne Self-Promotion for Authors on a Beer Budget - James Buchanan, Deanna Jamraz, Lizzie T. Leaf, Melissa Mayhue, Jet Mykles, Laura Baumbach$8.00add to cart
RTB11-670MARKETING: How To Write a Book That's Your Hook for Marketing - Jennifer S. Wilkov$8.00add to cart
RTB11-615MARKETING: Inbound Marketing: Turning Fans and Followers Into Buyers - Penny Sansevieri$8.00add to cart
RTB11-708MARKETING: Let's Give Them Something to Talk About: Generating Buzz-Worthy Publicity - Jia Gayles, Deidre Knight, Nancy Berland$8.00add to cart
RTB11-649MARKETING: Promoting Like a Big Name Author When You're Not One Yet - Stephanie Dray, Jeannie Lin$8.00add to cart
RTB11-696MARKETING: Scams, Shams and Snark Marketing - Sheila English, Barbara Vey, Nancy Berland, Penny C. Sansevieri, Joan Schulhaffer$8.00add to cart
RTB11-638MARKETING: The Quick-Release Trilogy: Sell It, Write It, Market It — And Keep Your Sanity - Tessa Dare, Monica McCarty, Christy Reece, Stefanie Sloane$8.00add to cart
RTB11-672MEDIA & MARKETING: Author Branding - Morgan Doremus (RT Website editor), Zoe Archer, Colleen Gleason$8.00add to cart
RTB11-602MEDIA & MARKETING: What RT Editors Want and What Authors Need to Know - Faygie Levy, Liz French, Stephanie Klose$8.00add to cart
RTB11-676MULTICULTURAL: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? - Kimberly Kaye Terry, L.A. Banks, Delilah Devlin, Glenda Howard, J.D. Mason$8.00add to cart
RTB11-704MULTICULTURAL: The Next Generation - Kimberly Kaye Terry, Brenda Jackson, Jeannie Lin, Monique Patterson$8.00add to cart
RTB11-698MYSTERY: Plotting and Setting Your Mystery - Carole Nelson Douglas, Rhys Brown, Robert Gregory Browne, Dianne Emley, Rick Mofina$8.00add to cart
RTB11-653MYSTERY: Private Dicks, Dames and Immortal Words - Carole Nelson Douglas, Lori Armstrong, Brett Battles, Lee Goldberg, S. A. Jaffarian, Wm. Link$8.00add to cart
RTB11-639PARANORMAL: Children of the Night: Characterization in Paranormal Romance - Angela Knight, Shana Abe', Kate Douglas, Jacquelyn Frank, Erin Quinn$8.00add to cart
RTB11-654PARANORMAL: The Plot Thickens: How to Keep Paranormal Fans Hooked - Angela Knight, Shannon K. Butcher, Pamela Palmer, Rebecca York$8.00add to cart
RTB11-624PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Carina Press - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-610PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Crescent Moon Press - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-622PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Ellora's Cave - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-680PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Grand Central - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-668PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Kensington - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-636PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Liquid Silver Books - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-647PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Loose ID - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-613PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Ravenous Romance - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-658PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Sourcebooks, Inc - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-729PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: St. Martin's Press - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-717PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: TOR - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-644PUBLISHER'S SPOTLIGHT: Total-E-Bound - $8.00add to cart
RTB11-685ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Peeling Away the Layers of Romantic Suspense - Gennita Low, Cherry Adair, Catherine Coulter, Caridad Pineiro$8.00add to cart
RTB11-723ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Romancing the Killer Instinct - Gennita Low, Barry Eisler, Brenda Novak, Kally Jo Surbeck$8.00add to cart
RTB11-691SCIENCE FICTION: Creating Out-of-This-World Sci-Fi - Ann Aguire, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Diana Rowland, Melinda Snodgrass, Kate Elliot$8.00add to cart
RTB11-667SELF-PUBLISHING: How to Sell 100,000 Self-Published E-books Online - H. P. Mallory$8.00add to cart
RTB11-722SELF-PUBLISHING: Romancing the E-Book: Frontlist Backlist, Short & Long, How to Make E-Books Work for You - Liz Scheier and Julia Coblentz$8.00add to cart
RTB11-709SELF-PUBLISHING: The E-Book, Self-Publishing Revolution: What You Need to Know - Mark Coker, Jane Litte, H.P. Mallory$8.00add to cart
RTB11-683SELF-PUBLISHING: You've Got to Start Someplace - Colleen Houck$8.00add to cart
RTB11-632SERIES: The Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Series Romance - Julie Miller, B. J. Daniels, Judy Duarte, Candace Havens$8.00add to cart
RTB11-677SERIES: Walking the Line: Writing Sexy Category Romance for Harlequin - Lynn Raye Harris, Kimberly Lang, Kira Spencer$8.00add to cart
RTB11-688SOCIAL MEDIA: It's A Blogger's World - Juliet Blackwell, Rachael Herron, Sophie Littlefield, Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells$8.00add to cart
RTB11-614SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Networking for Dummies and How to Master It - Kristen Lamb, Nicole Peeler, Andrew Shaffer, Danielle Barclay$8.00add to cart
RTB11-603SPECIALTY: Collaborating and Co-authoring: Is It for You? - Samantha Cato, Desiree Holt, Allie Standifer$8.00add to cart
RTB11-697SPECIALTY: Critique Partners: How To Make It Work - Terra Lynn Childs, Sophie Jordan$8.00add to cart
RTB11-665SPECIALTY: Doing Time for the Crime - Kerri Droban (attorney, prosecutor and thriller author)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-684SPECIALTY: Fight Club: Live Demonstration - Cynthia Vespia, James Buchanan$8.00add to cart
RTB11-662SPECIALTY: How To Create the Ultimate Female FBI Agent - Pamela S. Stratton (former FBI agent)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-609SPECIALTY: How to Stay Driven in a Time-Crunched World - Tara Taylor Quinn$8.00add to cart
RTB11-640SPECIALTY: Kung-Fu Fighting: The Rise of Action Heroes and Action Scenes - Jeannie Lin, Lynn Lorenz, Belinda McBride$8.00add to cart
RTB11-641SPECIALTY: Revealing Penguin's Secret Sister - Danielle R. Poiesz (Penguin Group, USA)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-631SPECIALTY: The Book with Two Brains - Celeste Bradley, Susan Donovan$8.00add to cart
RTB11-643SPECIALTY: The Care and Feeding of a Paranormal Series - L.A. Banks, Pamaela Palmer, Kerrlyn Sparks$8.00add to cart
RTB11-607SPECIALTY: Understanding the Science of Crime - Dr. L. P. Lyle (forensics expert and author)$8.00add to cart
RTB11-616SPECIALTY: When Worlds Collide: Melding Reality and Fantasy in Historicals - Zoe Archer, Kathryn Smith, Susanne Lazear, Gail Carriger, Nathalie Gray$8.00add to cart
RTB11-621SPECIALTY: Writing the Multi-Author Series - Samantha Cayto, Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, Mari Freeman, Lynne Connolly$8.00add to cart
RTB11-678STEAMPUNK: Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?: Gadgets, Gizmos and Automatons - Kathryn Smith, Eden Bradley, Gail Carriger, Kristin Painter$8.00add to cart
RTB11-716STEAMPUNK: Writing the Steampunk Romance: Beyond Leather Corsets and Brass Goggles! - Cindy Holby, Suzanne Lazear, Laurie McLean, Kathryn Smith$8.00add to cart
RTB11-675THRILLER: Creating Conflict and High Stakes That Thrill - Allison Brennan, Brett Battles, Joshua Corin, Andrew Peterson, April Smith$8.00add to cart
RTB11-710THRILLER: Striking the Balance: Adding Heart-Pounding Thrills That Work - Alllison Brennan, Jan Burke, D.P. Lyle, Stephen Jay Schwartz, Alexandra Sokoloff$8.00add to cart
RTB11-700URBAN FANTASY: Keeping Romance Hot in an Urban Fantasy Series - Richelle Mead, Kerri Arthur, Rachel Caine, Jeanne C. Stein, Nicole Peeler$8.00add to cart
RTB11-608URBAN FANTASY: Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy - Richelle Mead, Kelley Armstrong, P.N. Elrod, Rachel Vincent, Jaye Wells, J.M. Kessler$8.00add to cart
RTB11-617VAMPIRE: From Bela Lugosi to Bella Swan - Caridad Piniero, Cathy Clamp, MaryJanice Davidson, Carole Nelson Douglas$8.00add to cart
RTB11-728VAMPIRE: The Many Faces of the Undead - Caridad Pineiro, L.A. Banks, Kerrlyn Sparks, Jeanne C. Stein$8.00add to cart
RTB11-727YOUNG ADULT: Almost Famous - Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Ally Carter, Melissa de la Cruz, Valerie Vaughn, Sally Wilcox$8.00add to cart
RTB11-655YOUNG ADULT: Pretty in Pink: Girl Power, Feminism and the YA Revolution - Melisa Marr, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Holly black, Clare B. Dunkle, Margaret Stohl$8.00add to cart
RTB11-690YOUNG ADULT: Say Anything? — Boundaries in YA - Sarah Rees Brennan, Kimberly Derting, Jackie Morse Kessler, Jennifer Lynn Barnes$8.00add to cart
RTB11-703YOUNG ADULT: Some Kind of Wonderful: Industry Insiders in YA Publishing and Film - Merilee Heifetz, Anne Hoppe, Valerie Vaughn, Sally Wilcox, Ally Carter$8.00add to cart
RTB11-642YOUNG ADULT: The Never-Ending Story: YA Series and Sequels - Mellissa De la Cruz, Stacey Kade, Carrie Ryan, Rachel Vincent, Jennifer Lynn Barnes$8.00add to cart

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