Complete Conference sessions including workshops, Fox/Korten, and Sheldrake Pre-Conf. on Audio MP3 CD-ROM Disc

IONS 2017 International Conference: DVD-ROM Table of Contents: 601- Conference Opening and Welcome: Lachance, Vieten, Keltner, et al. 602- Rupert Sheldrake, Extended Minds 603- Friday Afternoon General Session- Gutierrez, Wahbeh, Church, Yount, Doty 604- Friday Evening- Alain Nu, What is Mentalism? 605- Saturday AM - Gaston, Mossbridge, Siegel, Tucker, Delorme, McTaggart 606- Saturday Afternoon General Session- Dale, Jain, Radin, Nu 607- Sunday AM General Session- Schlitz, Kuntzelman, Petersen, Dellinger, et al. 607B- Sunday Noon General Session: Yvonne Cagle 618- Thurday Evening with Rev. Matthew Fox and David Korten 619A- Pre-Conference with Rupert Sheldrake Part 1 619B- Pre-Conference with Rupert Sheldrake Part 2 619C- Pre-Conference with Rupert Sheldrake Part 3 619D- Pre-Conference with Rupert Sheldrake Part 4 620- Spotlight Talks Friday: Sullivan, Doucette, Erich, Redenbaugh 621- Spotlight Talks Saturday: Colter, Morrisette, Zylstra, Marinovich 622- Spotlight Talks Sunday: Laing, Kennedy, Preuss 623- Friday Breakout: Rupert Sheldrake 624- Friday Breakout: Cassandra Vieten, Loren Carpenter, Rave’ Mehta 625- Friday Breakout: Claire Lachance, IONS CEO 626- Friday Breakout: James R. Doty 627- Friday Breakout: Dawson Church and Garret Yount 628- Friday Breakout: Maria Owl Gutierrez and Helane’ Wahbeh 629- Saturday Breakout: Lynne McTaggart (Power of 8) 630- Saturday Breakout: A. Dennis, E. Kuntzelman, A. Livingston, K. Petersen 631- Saturday Breakout: Julia Mossbridge and Mikey Siegel 632- Saturday Breakout: Jim B. Tucker and Arnaud Delorme 633- Saturday Breakout: Claire Lachance, IONS CEO 634- Saturday Breakout: Dean Radin and Alain Nu 635- Saturday Breakout: Cyndi Dale and Shamini Jain 636- Saturday Breakout: Amikaela Gaston 637- Friday Breakout: Dennis, Kuntzelman, Livingston, Petersen